Terrence Howard’s Expensive Mistake in His Divorce Case

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Per the NY Daily News, Terrence Howard’s six-year long divorce battle is finally over with a ruling to pay his ex-wife Michelle Ghent $1.3 in back spousal support after losing his case in the court of appeals.

Back spousal support amounted to $263,137 but another $1,055,970 was added due to Howard’s increase in income for being on Empire. Howard is also responsible for $1 million in legal fees of Ghent.

Howard is also under investigation in Pennsylvania for fraud and tax evasion.

Howard and Ghent’s marriage was short lived, one year which includes a restraining order in 2013 when Ghent claimed that Howard choked and punched her while they were trying to reconcile during a Costa Rica getaway.

What mistake did Howard make? Simple enough: the divorce case was initiated in 2013. He should have settled immediately. Why? Because alimony issues are based on current income, not future income.

Thus, Howard started making more money in Empire and as a result, when he got to court, his income had increased substantially. Delaying the case with an appeal as far as I am concerned was a huge waste of time and money as well.

Granted, Howard could have returned back to court unemployed considering how the acting industry is, but his failure to settle early resulted in a $1 million plus judgment for Ghent.

Sometimes, you have no choice but to go to court, other times it is the last place you need to be.

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