Thanks Jeff Sessions- The World is Laughing At Us… Again

jeff sessions chants lock her up, tony podesta
Attorney General Jeff Sessions at today’s speech before conservative high school students.

Thanks Jeff Sessions- The World is Laughing At Us… Again

“Lock her up! Lock her up!” Really? Yes!


Attorney General Jeff Sessions was speaking at a summit of conservative high school students when during his speech, chants of “lock her up” started. He laughed and even repeated the chant.

Now, I don’t care about his prior statements of making fun of other people with therapy dogs and Play-Doh. I’ll let that slide and leave that up to the therapists, but “lock her up?”


Let me give you some background on who I am. I think it is safe to say, like most people, politics wasn’t on my radar. I knew what was going on, somethings I liked, somethings I didn’t, regardless of what political party was in control of the White House. Life was pretty good, stable, it was okay.

Because of it, I continued in my little bubble of motorcycles. I have a blog called, which is about motorcycles. I like riding them and I enjoy writing about anything, so it was a perfect match. That’s what the “mc” is for on my twitter feed @mcatty_alex; motorcycle attorney.

More than a year ago as I became “political,” my wife suggested I write a blog focusing on politics. I blew her off. “Nah, not interested.” But, all that changed last week when I converted my law practice website into a blog, and excuse the mess on it by the way, as I continue to clean it up.

I did keep giving thought to my wife’s suggestion because since Trump took office, everyday I saw something more outrageous and shocking than the day before.

Of course, some of you will rush off to the go-to adjectives of “liberal,” “snowflake,” and “libtard.” Hey, whatever makes you feel better. It’s better than living in “La La Land” and trying to normalize that which can’t be in order to justify and rationalize your vote.

Anyway, as much as I try to be neutral, I realize it’s not easy. Sometimes I succeed at it, sometimes I fail.

My blog this morning was about Tony Podesta and a possible immunity deal from Mueller based on reporting by Tucker Carlson. I’ve noticed I’m taking a long time to write up my blogs because I have to keep going back and deleting what I wrote. It wasn’t that way with my motorcycle blog.

In today’s blog, somehow, I managed to make it about Trump when it wasn’t about him in the first place. So, I highlighted and deleted a thing or two until I was satisfied with what I wrote.

So, what’s my point? I still hope to inform readers about the law, whether it is something like Stormy Daniels’ divorce and a restraining order or gay marriage in Cuba and other legal issues I find interesting and hope you will, too. However, I will and have discussed, and will continue to blog about Trump and his administration, especially the legal angle since my background is in law.


Now, to the meat of the story.

What Jeff Sessions did today wasn’t funny by any stretch of the imagination. If you found it funny, you probably didn’t think it was funny when Michelle Wolf joked about Sara Sanders’ eye shadow. Hence, the hypocrisy, exactly what I wrote about earlier today. Be consistent. It won’t kill you.

You can support Trump, nothing wrong with having a different political view, but don’t ignore the lack of civility and professionalism we are witnessing and have front row seats to.

Sessions’ behavior today was undeniably unprofessional. These are the highest ranking, most powerful people running our government. This isn’t a steel cage match in the WWE. But, at times I do feel that President Trump has been replaced by Vince McMahon. Then again, they are good friends. See, I did it again.

The world is watching, have no doubt with that statement, and because they are, if they are not laughing, they are worried, and neither one is good for the greatest country in the World.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.

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Alexander Hernandez

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