Thanksgiving with George Papadopoulos’ Family Just Got Weird

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Simona Mangiante, George Papadopoulos’ wife, dressed up as the “Red Sparrow” for Halloween. Funny, until your husband gets convicted for lying to the FBI about his meetings with those connected to Russia.

Thanksgiving with George Papadopoulos’ Family Just Got Weird

There was a time that George Papadopoulos was nothing other than a “coffee boy” who apparently got a seat at the big boys’ table. But, now that Papadopoulos is saying Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation was nothing but a “set up,” Republicans are listening again. Desperate?

“George has a lot to tell us and I’m glad he’s finding his audience. He deserves to be heard. His country failed him.” – Michael Caputo (who first referred to him as coffee boy).

Now George’s wife, Simona Mangiante who has joined the rhetoric, has issues of her own and her family life with the Papadopoulos’ has become a real time “Days of Lives” soap opera.

“Simona has destroyed George’s relationship with his family. She has been physically and mentally abusive. Successfully isolating him from all his friends and family. Only his half-sister now has a relationship with him but at one point she had stopped speaking to him.” – statement from family member to The Observer.

Simona of course says that Papadopoulos’ family is “deeply dysfunctional” and that she is more afraid of them than the FBI. Here’s the funny part: Papadopoulos’ family reported Simona to I.C.E. for her connections to Russia. Then again, Simona did have connections to missing Professor Misfud and there has even been past reporting on inconsistencies with her passport and identification. See how this is coming full circle?

George remains committed, no pun intended. “My family is Simona,” said George. “I do not know what ‘family’ you are talking about as we don’t have communication with my maternal or paternal side in Chicago. It’s my understanding that certain members of that group are slandering my wife and lying about her.”

Then again, being the “Red Sparrow” and/or Maria Butina, I’m sure isn’t helping the situation. Maybe Stephen Miller and Papadopoulos could have Thanksgiving together.

I Warned You

Here’s the thing: In 2016 when I saw how Trump’s rhetoric was already causing divisiveness, I kept running to Facebook to let everyone know this would only cause separation between friends and family. I kept saying we have witnessed this before with the Cubans and Fidel Castro and to not insult the other side. But, no one listened, and thus, we are where we are today. Welcome to the Divided States of America.

Then again, being the “Red Sparrow” and/or Maria Butina, I’m sure isn’t helping the situation. Maybe Stephen Miller and Papadopoulos could have Thanksgiving together.

As the world turns…

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Thanksgiving with the Stephen Miller Family Will Be Awkward

Now, even Stephen Miller’s family is speaking out against his anti-immigration policies.



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The Missing Professor and George Papadopoulos

Because of Papadopoulos lying to the FBI, Mueller’s team never got to question Mifsud who left the country never to be seen again, and what I mean by never to be seen again, is exactly that.


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George Papadopoulos is Playing Games

George Papadopoulos is considering to withdraw his agreement with Special Counsel Robert Mueller claiming he was set up by the government.

Rather than thank his former attorney, Papadopoulos is blaming him for his conviction of lying more than a dozen times to the FBI.



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George Papadopoulos Wants Immunity

Now that the Senate Intelligence Committee wants George Papadopoulos to testify, he wants a immunity deal.

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