The $2 Million Dollar Speech by Senator Susan Collins

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Senator Susan Collins from Maine with Brett Kavanaugh.

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The $2 Million Make that $3 Million Dollar Speech by Senator Susan Collins

Yesterday’s forty-five minute speech by Senator Susan Collins on the Senate floor which lasted as long as the FBI investigation of sexual allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, was expensive. How expensive? About $50,000. So many donations were coming in that the website crashed and was shut down for a couple of hours.

Before Senator Collins’ speech on the Senate floor yesterday was over, more than $2 million has been donated overall to Maine People’s Alliance, Mainers for Accountable Leadership and Be A Hero Team. The organizations have a stated goal of $4 million.

Whomever is Senator Collins’ opponent will have plenty of money to get their campaign off the ground and running.

Senator Collins is one of the Republicans who are afraid to say what they are really thinking: that Dr. Ford made up the allegations against Kavanaugh, so instead they take the position that Ford was assaulted sexually, just not by Kavanaugh, the evil twin theory.

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