The Daily Caller Busted Jerome Corsi

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Jerome Corsi signs copies of his books at the Book Expo America in New York, Wednesday, May 25, 2011. (AP Photo/Charles Sykes)

The Daily Caller Busted Jerome Corsi

Jerome Corsi is the father of birtherism and is now wrapped up in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. But now it seems the Daily Caller caught Corsi in a lie, a $25,000 lie.

Dr. Eliate Mendelsohn was a doctor that was going to perform experimental cancer surgery on Thomas Sickler who supposedly had bladder cancer. Apparently, Dr. Mendelsohn did such a great job that even though Sickler had stage 4 cancer, he was cured. Awesome! But, there is a problem: Dr. Mendelsohn doesn’t seem to exist.

The Daily Caller couldn’t find proof of Dr. Mendelsohn existing, but did find out that Sickler, great name/pseudonym for someone sick, does seem to have an organization registered in his name called the Mendelsohn Consulting Group and that clinic is linked on Corsi’s website.

Sickler has the same company registered in Florida and now Nevada.

Now, this could all be resolved easily because Corsi said that Dr. Mendelsohn is a physician in Tel Aviv for the Sourasky Medical Center. Well, that’s another problem because they never heard of the doctor there either.

The best part is that Dr. Mendelsohn’s Twitter handle is @DrMendelsohn. Apparently, the young good looking doctor from Israel loves American politics and Q-Anon. Have I mentioned that Corsi is the father of birtherism and other far-right conspiracies like Hillary Clinton’s health?

You can read The Daily Caller’s post via this link.

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