The Darkness of Our Democracy

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Photo of mail bomb sent to former CIA Director John Brennan at the CNN Time Warner building.

The Darkness of Our Democracy

If you are anything like me, every week you think our country has hit a new low.

I was naïve enough to think that President Trump would not attack the media and/or Democrats at his rally in Wisconsin last night, just hours after the news broke out on the pipe bombs and suspicious packages. I believed in a day or two Trump would, but by the same token, I would not be surprised if he did. Guess what, he did.

Yesterday’s news of mail bombs being mailed to former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton dominated the news cycle. Former Attorney General Eric Holden, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultzs, and former CIA Director John Brennan had suspicious packages mailed to them which contained pipe bombs and Brennan’s was mailed to CNN’s Time Warner, forcing CNN to continue broadcasting live on the streets and on the sidewalk in front of their building since their offices were evacuated.

Rep. Maxine Waters also received a suspicious package at her office and Governor Andrew Cuomo did as well and was informed as such during his live press briefing.

As of this morning, actor Robert DeNiro also received a suspicious package at his business address of Tribeca Enterprises. Initially, George Soros was the first to receive a suspicious package, but that was dropped off at his home instead of mailed. There are also new reports that former Vice President Joe Biden also received a mail bomb at his home.

There’s no doubt these mail bombs are acts of terrorism whether domestic or not. But not only that, these are assassination attempts. Let me say it again: these are assassination attempts on former Presidents of the United States and the First Ladies, along with other high- ranking government officials and public figures. This isn’t a joke! This isn’t the time to play partisan politics. This isn’t the time to divide and conquer. But, for President Trump it is.

The darkness surrounding you, is our democracy disappearing and being replaced by authoritarianism.


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Is President Trump Leading Us to a Civil War

His tweets are not only the ravings of a social media nutbag troll living in his mother’s basement, but it also has the potential for more serious attacks against the media than we have already seen. Even worse, it is straight out of the Authoritarian and Civil War playbook.


One of the first steps in destroying a democracy is undermining the credibility of the media. Yet, President Trump doesn’t realize the importance of the media and that is why it is the First Amendment of our Constitution. Think about it. It’s not the Second, or the Third, but the First.

“As part of a larger national effort to bridge our divides and bring people together, the media also has a responsibility to set a civil tone and to stop the endless hostility and constant negative and oftentimes false attacks and stories. They’ve got to stop, bring people together.” 

“The language of moral condemnation and destructive routine, these are arguments and disagreements that have to stop. No one should carelessly compare political opponents to historical villains. We should not mob people in public spaces, or destroy public property. There is one way to voice your opinion; it’s called peacefully at the ballot box.”

DeNiro was right. F### Trump. I’ve posted many times myself, even on Trump’s twitter feed that he contradicts himself in the same sentence, not to mention being hypocritical.

It’s obvious Trump suffers from many ailments and selective memory is one of them. Does he not remember all the violence he has condoned at his rallies? Telling people to punch those in opposition in the face? That he would pay that person(s) legal fees? Leading chants of “lock her up” and the media is the enemy of the people?

What we witnessed yesterday with the suspicious packages and mail bombs should be a cause of concern for everyone. It’s shows how fragile we are as a nation and that violence because of political ideology is a serious threat to our democracy. Politics by fear is how Trump governs and his false statements on the migrant caravan is further proof of that.

But, it’s made worse by the fact that the President fails to lead us during these times and of course, the President has already proven that he condones violence. And if against his opponents, you know privately, deep down inside, the President likes that.

This doesn’t fall on the media, it falls on the President. And our narcissistic President took advantage by furthering his Authoritarian rhetoric that the “fake news” media is the “enemy of the people.” The enemies of the United States have always been known. It’s never been the media, and it’s never been the President of the United States until now.

I’ll say it again and again as I’ve said an endless amount of times on social media and my blog posts: to destroy you cause an implosion, not an explosion which only damages the outer layers. How do you bring down the mob or a criminal organization? How do you bring down a building? Implosion. Have no doubt, our country is imploding.

I’ll say it again in case you weren’t paying attention. Assassination attempts were made on two former Presidents on U.S. soil.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter @mcatty_alex


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Suspicious packages and pipe bombs have been mailed to at least five persons that are known adversaries to President Trump.


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There Will be Blood on President Trump’s Hands

There is no doubt a reporter will be seriously injured, killed, maybe even a mass shooting. And the blood of those victims will be on President Trump’s hands.


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