The End of Devin Nunes Might Be the Mid-Term Elections

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Republican Devin Nunes

The End of Devin Nunes Might Be the Mid-Term Elections

Republican Devin Nunes is an eight-time incumbent in California’s Central Valley, but, with his latest nonsense in disrupting the Robert Mueller investigation, secret meetings at the White House, his own personal investigation and report into Russia election meddling which includes trips to London to question Britain intelligence, maybe his time is up.

County Prosecutor Andrew Janz is giving Nunes a run for his money in the 22nd Congressional District according to recent pools.

Nunes, who heads the Senate Intelligence Committee, is in an agricultural district where farmers are likely being impacted by President Trump’s trade war and Nunes’ district in Tulare County is the top milk producing county in the country.

Latest polls by Tulchin Research still have Nunes five points ahead, a rarity indeed. A poll by a Democratic PAC had Nunes eight points ahead, but these numbers are much smaller than ever.

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