The End of Permanent Alimony in Florida


The Florida Legislature has before it HB 843 which is a bill to end permanent alimony in Florida. Known as the Alimony Reform Bill, it was introduced by Republican Representative Alex Andrade. The bill also includes guidelines for judges to determine how much a spouse gets.

“You got to put yourselves in the shoes of people going through this right now, this is the worst time of their lives, there are absolutely no guidelines right now, a judge can award pretty much what ever they like as far as an alimony award,” said Andrade.

In the bill it sets up the guideline for a two year bridge the gap alimony, a five year rehabilitation alimony and a durational alimony. Durational alimony is calculated at 50% the length of the marriage. There is also 50-50 child custody.

However, it should be noted that in the last few years, several states have made similar attempts to end permanent alimony.

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