The Fight Against Brett Kavanaugh Continues

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Photo from HRC (Human Rights Campaign) Twitter feed.

The Fight Against Brett Kavanaugh Continues

It only makes sense that if Brett Kavanaugh is President Trump’s U.S. Supreme Court pick, that his nominee comes into question with the latest revelations.

There is no denying legally, that President Trump is an unindicted co-conspirator as per his former attorney Michael Cohen statements in open court during his plea deal.

While the Republicans have been trying to push Kavanaugh’s confirmation appointment through, the fact is it should have to wait.


Today, the HRC (Human Rights Campaign) is protesting across the country in order to raise focus on issues such as LGBTQ equality, reproductive rights and affordable health care.

For more information, text SAVESCOTUS to 30644 or hashtag #stopkavanaugh, #uniteforjustice.

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