The Ghost of Richard Nixon and Brett Kavanaugh

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Former President Richard Nixon. Getty Images.

The Ghost of Richard Nixon and Brett Kavanaugh

Next week, even though all the required documentation regarding Brett Kavanaugh has not been released, the Senate Judiciary Committee is proceeding with its first hearing Tuesday for the Supreme Court nominee. Of course, Republicans have to since they are in a desperate rat race to get Kavanaugh appointed before the mid-term elections. Party over country.

But, interesting enough, as much as Democrats don’t like to use the “I” word, impeachment, at the minimum, they are dropping hints.

John Dean, the former White House counsel under President Richard Nixon, is one of the witnesses scheduled to testify next week during Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings. Why? Because Dean knows exactly how a coverup by a President and impeachment works because of his role in Watergate that ultimately resulted in Dean serving prison time and losing his license to practice law.

Dean, ready for this, was convicted of obstruction of justice. Dean will be speaking about abuse of executive power.

Dean appeared on the Senate’s website as those scheduled to appear, and his testimony was requested by Senator Dianne Feinstein from California, the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

While confirmation hearings are usually boring, I enjoy watching Dean speak because of his unquestionable knowledge and experience.

Of course, Kavanaugh was chosen because of his connections to Justice Kennedy and prior papers written by Kavanaugh supporting the idea that a sitting President should not have to face lawsuits or indictments until after a president’s term ends, and that belief extends to investigations.

In addition, Kavanaugh worked with Special Prosecutor Ken Starr on the Clinton impeachment.

Others on the witness list includes a student from the mass school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas. Kavanaugh has written extensively as well in support of gun rights.

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