The ##### Grabbing, Draft Dodging and Now Tax Cheat President

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Tax cheat- President Trump

The ##### Grabbing, Draft Dodging and Now Tax Cheat President

That strange noise you hear, that is the entire world laughing at us, courtesy of Vladimir Putin and Russia.

If sexually assaulting women wasn’t enough and insulting a war hero like John McCain wasn’t either, then maybe being a draft dodger is. It wasn’t even though going back in the day, the Bill Clinton haters focused on that issue.

The fact that President Trump skipped the war by using “bone spurs” as his medical deferment, the same bone spurs that doesn’t affect his golf swing, didn’t seem to be an issue.

Then again, Trump said that he knew more than the generals and his supporters more likely than not believed him. Nothing like hypocrisy mixed with ignorance and add a sprinkle of inconsistency.

Now, the President that has given a trillion-dollar tax break for the uber-wealthy while the little guy gets stiffed, Trump stiffs the little guy some more.

Trump has spent hundreds of millions of dollars golfing and has made a pretty penny off it as well at the expense of the U.S. tax payer.

And while there is plenty of money for golfing and his failed campaign promise of a $25 billion wall, $13 billion space farce, I mean space force, shuffling around $500 million for ICE that wants a $1 billion in funding, there’s now tax fraud.

Per an exhaustive New York Times article with more than 100,000 documents and more than two hundred tax returns of Fred Trump and his companies, the father of President Trump, it seems you can now add tax cheat to the President’s resume.

Of course, the cult followers will yell “defamation” even though Trump is a public figure so good luck with that, or “fake news” and the “media is the enemy of the people,” but there is one thing you should ask yourself: why hasn’t the President released his tax returns?

Don’t forget a million times during his campaign rhetoric, Trump promised to release his tax returns, then claimed to be under audit and couldn’t do so per law. It’s a made up law. Just Google the “Oracle of Omaha,” Warren Buffett who released his tax returns while he was being audited in response to the President’s fake statement.

Don’t forget at some point both Kellyanne Conway and President Trump made it clear that his tax returns would not be released. I wonder why? Let’s play Wheel of Fortune for a minute. R U – – IA. Give me an “S.”

I wonder if his lies about his tax returns was added to his list of 5,000 plus lies and counting since he entered the Presidency.

Of course, I can already see the arguments of the Trump cult followers asking the rhetorical question of who doesn’t cheat on their taxes and that proves Trump is a brilliant business man, ignoring the fact that Trump doesn’t prepare his taxes or create trust funds, that’s done by the attorneys and financial planners, and CPA’s working for him. Trust me, I’ve seen more stupid statements than that. One person told me because Trump only paid $130,000 for hush money on Stormy Daniels, that proved he was a great businessman versus President Bill Clinton who paid a lot more to settle his lawsuit with Paula Jones.

Forget the fact that taxes pay for schools, police, parks, roads, and court houses which the President loves since he is always suing someone or someone is suing him. It’s illegal to defraud the federal government, but those are just details because while you ignore facts, you are busy yelling “libtard,” poking fun at Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, or other nonsense like “build that wall” that Mexico was paying for. Remember that?

Funny thing, remember when President Trump tweeted about Al Capone, even misspelled his name during the Paul Manafort trial? Irony is a funny thing, so is political Karma.

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