The House Vote is In and It’s Bad for Trump

Yesterday, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff had an important vote.

Schiff, who continues to be insulted and threatened by President Trump, is in the least fazed. If anything, for every insult, Schiff takes it up a notch with a calm, cool demeanor, and in Robert Mueller style, let’s his actions dictate the narrative.

“We are not going to be intimidated or threatened by the president, to withhold any legislative advancement if we do our proper oversight,” Schiff told reporters Wednesday morning asking for reaction to Trump’s speech.

On Wednesday, Trump was asked about Schiff’s comments in that he intends to move forward with investigating his finances.

Trump responded: “he has no basis to do that. He’s just a political hack who is trying to build a name for himself and I think that’s fine because that’s what they do, but there would be no reason to do that. No other politician has to go through that.”

Yes, the President continues to play the victim of “presidential harassment.”

Again, Schiff will not be silenced by the President. In a tweet; Schiff said:

“I can understand why the idea of meaningful oversight terrifies the President. Several of his close associates are going to jail, others await trial, and criminal investigations continue.”

We’re going to do our job and won’t be distracted or intimidated by threats or attacks.”

As a result, the House Intelligence Committee has voted to provide testimony transcripts to Special Counsel Robert Mueller which means this could open the door for even more criminal charges and indictments from Mueller for perjury.

In total, more than 50 interviews will be sent to Mueller. Mr. President, please keep going after Schiff.

Alexander Hernandez
Twitter @mcatty_alex

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