The Hypocrisy of Jerome Corsi & You People Fell for It

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Jerome Corsi, conspiracy theorist extraordinaire and Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

The Hypocrisy of Jerome Corsi & You People Fell for It

The father of birtherism and President Barack Obama has a fake birth certificate and was born in Kenya, has said he ended his plea negotiations with Robert Mueller because he did not want to sign off on a lie. Take a second to reread that first sentence.

Corsi has made a living off lying and spreading conspiracy theories that only Fox News and President Trump would believe. Now, new reporting shows that Corsi had another lie: Hillary Clinton’s health.

Corsi had sent an email to Roger Stone that Hillary Clinton’s health was failing and that email was before the WikiLeak’s email dump on the subject. Corsi even advised Stone to start spreading that rumor.

On August 2, Corsi’s email recommended “suggesting HRC old, memory bad, has stroke.” Two days later,  Corsi, who worked as the Bureau Chief in Washington for InfoWars (major fake news), had a Stone associate- Paul Watson release a video that Clinton had health issues, including brain damage. The video has more than six million views.

We can remember how President Trump out of right field started claiming that Clinton wasn’t physically fit to be President and Trump supporters fell for another lie hook, line, and sinker. Trump said at a campaign rally that Hillary “- lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on ISIS.” Like Hillary was going to strap on an M-16 take them on herself.

Corsi’s emails were revealed after he released a Statement of Offense that was prepared by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. A copy of the Statement of Offense can be seen via this link and provides a clear timeline.

A copy of the Draft Plea Agreement can be seen via this link.

It wasn’t long after that the Drudge Report spread the lies by sharing a blog post that claimed Hillary Clinton’s health was in poor condition because of a photo of her staffers helping her up the stairs, starting the post with “the questionable health condition of Hillary Clinton should be a major issue of the 2016 campaign.” The photo was actually taken months earlier when Clinton briefly stumbled on a staircase and a staffer came in to help. Talk about fake news.

But of course, the National Enquirer then ran a story “Hillary Clinton’s Secret Health Crisis.” As we know at one point in time, the National Enquirer and President Trump were BFF’S. But, now David Pecker is cooperating with the Mueller investigation. Trump supporters will now say that Pecker is also a liar, “weak,” etc., and Trump is the only one telling the truth. But, as long as fake news fits your narrative, you run with it.

The biggest lie, Fox News host Sean Hannity had a doctor on the show that claimed to have diagnosed Clinton with a brain condition. Again, the stupidity and ignorance of people and Trump cult followers. Ever hear of HIPPA? Hillary’s “doctor” couldn’t speak publicly about her health unless she gave him permission, which if the story was true, she wouldn’t do and obviously it wasn’t Hillary’s personal doctor.

The “doctor” was making his diagnosis based on reporting or videos or whatever. More fake news! Imagine sending an edited video to a doctor and have him diagnose you. I don’t now who would be dumber. You for wanting a correct diagnosis or the doctor for actually trying to.

But again, it just shows how President Trump loves lying and spreading conspiracies and his supporters fail to care about truth or reality. You should all be ashamed of yourselves, but of course, the truth as it pertains to Trump, yeah, you don’t believe that because there is a “deep state conspiracy” where only one man alone can face it and expose it. Let me know it if you want to buy a bridge I built in the Florida Keys that is 7 miles long.

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