The Latest from El Comandante Trump

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President Trump speaking on the New York Times Op-Ed article.

The Latest from El Comandante Trump

Apparently, the President is using his paralegal certificate from Trump University to enforce a non-existent law on a non-existent crime. The latest, straight from the Authoritarian playbook? Investigate the media.

First, it was “fake news” and “the media is the enemy of the people.” But, since that isn’t enough and it’s not working and goes against the most basic principles of a democracy, President Trump now wants to investigate the media.

Now, President Trump is stating that due to National Security reasons, that Attorney General Jeff Sessions should open an investigation against the New York Times Op-Ed piece.

First of all, no crimes have been committed. You cannot investigate a non-existent crime. It’s that simple.

Besides that important fact, what information of National Security importance has been released through the op-ed? That Trump has mental health issues and has a basic lack of understanding of government and policy? That’s is a threat to our National Security if anything, and cause to think of the 25th Amendment.

In addition, President Trump has already said that the anonymous op-ed is treason. By what definition other than his own? This is once again confirmation that Trump likes to throw shiny objects into the corner to distract from what is really happening.

Trump could have been “presidential” and just ignore the article, but, like a bull dog with the attention span of a two-year old, he just can’t let it go.

What’s even worse, how bad in shape is this administration that not only someone wrote that op-ed, but that others like the Vice President of the United States Mike Pence and the First Lady, also have to come out and confirm they didn’t write it? Talk about dysfunctional.

Even worse is Melania’s hypocrisy in saying that whomever wrote that article is “sabotaging the country.” Has she not seen who is listed on her marriage certificate as her husband?

If President Trump was the manager at a Dollar Store, you would be appalled at his incompetence. Yet he is the President of the United States- try to wrap your brain around that one.

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