The Manhattan Madam Meets with Special Counsel Robert Mueller

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Kristin Davis, the Manhattan Madam pictured with Roger Stone

The Manhattan Madam Meets with Special Counsel Robert Mueller


On July 21, I started my post with a porn star, a Playboy model and a madam walks into the White House. Apparently, the trio has also taken up residence in the Russia Wing of the White House.


Kristin Davis, known as the “Manhattan Madam,” is tied closely to Roger Stone. She has worked for Stone in the past, resided with him in the same apartment, and he is even the godfather of her two-year old child.

Now, it has been confirmed that Special Counsel Robert Mueller met with Davis. The meeting was voluntary and not a result of a Grand Jury subpoena, but of course, she is likely to testify before a Grand Jury.

What does this mean? Well, Stone even predicted once that he believed he would get indicted since Mueller’s team had been speaking with friends and associates of Stone for the last couple of months.

Why Stone?

Roger Stone seemed pretty adept at predicting things during the 2016 elections, and it is known that Stone spoke to Gucifer 2.0, a Russian troll farm and online personality, and he is also tied into Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks and the one responsible for dumping thousands of Hillary Clinton’s hacked emails the day after Trump said in a speech that he loves Wikileaks and hopes they would release those emails.

By now, you can also assume that Mueller would have issued subpoenas tied into Stone’s back accounts and tax returns to confirm the source of any fees he may have received.

While everyone is focusing on the word “collusion” and whether or not it is or isn’t a crime, Mueller is setting up financial fraud/tax evasion cases against all the players. Why? As I said before, paper is ironclad. Paper doesn’t lie. And if President Trump is in Mueller’s sights, you can be guaranteed that he will be focusing on the financial dealings of Trump. Again, paper trails make for excellent witnesses.

Remember, Robert Mueller’s expertise as a prosecutor while varied, he is no doubt an expert in white collar crime, having both worked in financial fraud divisions for the government and as private defense counsel.

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A former aid of Roger Stone has also been ordered to appear before a Grand Jury.

Andrew Miller lost his argument that Mueller’s appointment was unconstitutional. An argument that keeps losing. U.S.District Chief Judge Beryl Howell issued the ruling, ninety-three pages in all.

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