The Migrant Caravan and Politics of Fear

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They look scary don’t they? Members of a migrant caravan walk into the interior of Mexico after crossing the Guatemalan border on October 21, 2018, near Ciudad Hidalgo, Mexico. John Moore/Getty Images

The Migrant Caravan and Politics of Fear

You cannot have right without knowing wrong. You cannot have light without darkness. Politicians are no different.

Politics, especially in the Trump era is fear based. Scare you into submission. Scare you into voting. If it’s not true, then why not focus on facts? Because facts don’t win elections. Facts don’t get people out to vote.

President Trump has been bashing the migrant caravan now for more than a week, continuously making false claims. For a while, without a shred of evidence, Trump claimed that Middle Easterners and criminals were part of the caravan, a claim he has slowly walked back, just like most of his claims. Then again, let’s not forget his initial announcement of running for office and his assault on immigrants.

The migrant caravan is the latest bogey man and just another way of Trump pushing for his wall. You know, the wall that Mexico was paying for. The wall that will end illegal immigration once and for all. Show me a twenty foot wall and I will show you a twenty-one foot ladder.

Why the wall, a rallying cry for Trump during his campaign for Presidency and still his favorite focal point at his rallies? Because it’s scary. Without the wall the country will be “flooded” with criminals and drugs. Even recently, President Trump said at a campaign rally that immigrants “carve” people up.

Ignore completely the fact that the overwhelming majority of immigrants take a comfy plane ride to the United States and don’t go back when their tourist visas expire. But, that’s the problem. Tourism brings in money and I.C.E. won’t go pick you up when your visa expires. Try doing that in other countries. This is just like the War on Drugs and we saw how successful that was.

Migrants jumping on a plane and vacationing, then never leaving, NOT SCARY! Droves of migrants coming through the border is scary as hell. It sounds apocalyptic. Like the hordes of the Walking Dead stumbling through town.

That’s why we need a wall, like we live in a castle and surround it with a moat and the year is 1613 and we still fight with bows and arrows. We could use modern based technology like laser grids and drones, etc… but as I have said before; “build that laser grid” chants just doesn’t sell.

Immigration will forever be a problem, even if Mexico falls of the map. There are still boats and planes to get you here, but, here’s a solution.

If an employer hires an illegal without papers, you could give him a fine that will really hurt him. Just ask the tree trimming company Asplundh who was slammed with a $96 million fine.

Sure, in Asplundh’s case they seemed to know the documentation provided was false and hired illegals anyway, but what about those employers that don’t really know? It’s simple. A free government database.

Now, some of you will freak out and claim right to privacy and I’m not sure why because I’ve seen some pretty absurd arguments on that, but first of all, your ID is government issued. They already know where you live and know everything about you. I hope you aren’t naïve enough to believe law enforcement and the government doesn’t watch social media profiles.

Trust me, updating my new driver’s license in Florida; the DMV wasn’t satisfied by giving them my Florida Bar Card, my personal and corporate taxes which matched my business address as well as bank statements.

The problem was I was moving into my parents’ home to take care of my father and had nothing registered at that address. Why would I? I always get mail at my business address not my home, and my parents have lived in the same home for a half century so this wasn’t a new lease situation.

Needless to say, it wasn’t easy to get my license and finally after a ton of complaining and three trips to the DMV the same day since each time they asked for something new, I was able to. Along the way, the DMV photocopied my U.S. Passport. Right to privacy?

My Client’s Bankruptcy Case

I had a client that was audited by the IRS for not including income she earned in Texas. She didn’t. Someone stole her ID and filed taxes under her Social Security number. Eventually, she got tired of dealing with creditors, etc… so she filed for bankruptcy.

At some point, my client found out the company this person was working at. She called the employer that hung up on her, and by the time the cops got there, the suspect was gone. What happened to the employer? Nothing. He played dumb.

So again, run checks on individuals and if you still hire an obvious illegal, then give that company penalties that really hurt. The type of penalty that if you don’t pay up immediately, you get sued and assets get frozen. That’s how you curtail illegal immigration. But again, politicians saying they will fine an employer(s) is bad for political business and NOT SCARY!

And don’t bother saying immigrants don’t pay taxes because they do, more than our President and corporations that find loopholes to earn hundreds of millions of dollars and yet, pay zero in taxes.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter @mcatty_alex


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