The Missing Professor and George Papadopoulos

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Professor Joseph Mifsud

The Missing Professor and George Papadopoulos

It all started with former policy advisor George Papadopoulos. As we know, Papadopoulos was recently convicted of lying to the FBI and Robert Mueller’s team, and was sentenced to fourteen days in jail.

In court filings, Mueller’s team had stated that because of Papadopoulos’ actions, they were unable to obtain information fast enough and one of the people that Mueller wanted to question was Professor Joseph Mifsud.

“The defendant’s lies undermined investigators’ ability to challenge the professor or potentially detain or arrest him while he was still in the United States.” -Prior court pleadings filed by Mueller’s prosecutors.

Mifsud had promised Papadopoulos “dirt” on Hillary Clinton and claimed to have had “substantial connections with Russian government officials” and could provide Papadopoulos with Clinton’s emails.

Because of Papadopoulos lying to the FBI, Mueller’s team never got to question Mifsud who left the country never to be seen again, and what I mean by never to be seen again, is exactly that.

The DNC – Democratic National Committee is claiming that Mifsud is dead. The DNC has filed lawsuits against Wikileaks, Russia, and the Trump campaign and they stated in court filings that the only person not be served with the lawsuit is Mifsud and their belief is because he is dead.

Now, it hasn’t been elaborated dead how. Was he murdered or just died from health reasons, but, it is definitely an interesting twist to the Trump-Russia collusion story. The last time Mifsud was in the United States was February of 2017 and even his fiancée who recently gave birth to their daughter, states she hasn’t seen him either.

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