The Noose on Roger Stone is Getting Tighter

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Roger Stone, Alex Jones from Infowars, and Jerome Corsi

The Noose on Roger Stone is Getting Tighter

Jerome Corsi is an associate of Roger Stone and on his YouTube show stated that negotiations with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team has reached an impasse and that he will be charged with perjury.

“I’m going to be indicted. That’s what we were told. Everyone should know that, and I’m anticipating it.”

Corsi was the former Washington bureau chief for InfoWars. Mueller is focusing on the WikiLeaks hack of Hillary Clinton’s emails and of John Podesta. Corsi had received a subpoena from Mueller in August and had been cooperating, even providing Mueller two computers and a cell phone. In total, Corsi has spent more than 40 hours with Mueller and his team of prosecutors over a course of six interviews.

“I anticipate being indicted on a charge of some form of lying. Trying to explain yourself to these people is impossible …. I guess I couldn’t tell the special prosecutor what he wanted to hear.”

What Corsi means by that since he is a conspiracy theorist of epic proportions, he is the father of the “birther” movement with President Barack Obama, that he is simply trying to expose the “deep state.” Whether Stone or Corsi, they are all in on the rhetoric that their only crime is supporting President Trump.

Funny thing is when do people lie? To cover something up. Why is everyone lying to Mueller? When will they get it? Probably never. It’s simple: either plead the Fifth to avoid incriminating yourself but that will lead to criminal charges, or flip and get immunity. But again, they are all lying for a reason.

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corsi indictment, alexander hernandez, robert mueller indictments, jerome corsi birther movement
Jerome Corsi (Credit: Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images)

Jerome Corsi is Running Scared – Indictment Coming

Jerome Corsi, a whack job conspiracy theorist and the founder of the idiotic birther movement knows what’s coming. On his YouTube Channel, Corsi had said last week that negotiations with Special Counsel Robert Mueller have ended and an indictment is coming his way.

Corsi was scheduled for an interview with NBC News reporter Anna Schecter. While on his way to the interview, Corsi who was waiting in a car at Rockfeller Center, turned around and never made it to the interview.

What happened? Apparently, Corsi’s attorney, David Gray, had a conversation with the Special Counsel’s office. Corsi’s attorney apologized for cancelling the interview saying “things have changed.” Gray went on to say that “I’ve got to play this a certain way.” He then returned to speaking with Mueller’s team.

What this means is that the indictment on Corsi is already here. Robert Mueller meets with the grand jury on Fridays, so it is possible within the next few hours we will know if Corsi was indicted.

The tweets in real time posted by Schector are seen below.

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