The NRA- National Rifle Association

The NRA- National Rifle Association

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Maria Butina and the NRA- Nothing to See Here

David Keen is a former president of the NRA- National Rifle Association and he is married to Donna Keene, a Washington Lobbyist.

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John Bolton and Russian Spy Maria Butina

While Bolton was an ambassador to the United Nations, Bolton recorded a video with Butina that was a promotion for gun rights in Russia. When the video was recorded, Bolton was the head of the NRA’s (National Rifle Association) Subcommittee on International Affairs.


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NRA & Political Grades, Political Victory Fund

We know the NRA – National Rifle Association gives “grades” to candidates and spend tens of millions of dollars each year backing certain candidates. President Trump by far was the NRA’s largest beneficiary with more than $30 million.


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Governor Cuomo to the NRA- See You in Court

Governor Cuomo is being sued by the NRA as the pro-gun group states that due to Cuomo’s actions in not only fighting against Carry Guard Insurance and getting rid of it in the state of New York, but also for urging other Governors to do the same.


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The NRA Trolls David Hogg

From day one, the teenage students from Parkland have been running circles around the NRA, to the point that they are also a large influence as to the NRA’s financial troubles. So, instead of trying to figure out how to make more money, the NRA wastes its time by poking fun at and trolling activist David Hogg. Maybe the NRA should consider trolling money, instead.


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Got Money? The NRA is Broke

The NRA no doubt may be overspending. Sixty-one million was spent on members of Congress and President Trump got $30 million. But, their financial losses are probably a combination of numerous factors.


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Meet the Real Life Americans

In this week’s episode of The Americans, Elizabeth Jennings, I mean Maria Butina. I keep saying it: only in this administration is fact stranger than fiction and there more Russians tied into this administration than the show.


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The 9th Circuit Allows for Open Carry

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the Second Amendment guarantees a right to the open carry of a firearm.

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