The President and His Businesses are Comprised- Adam Schiff

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The President and His Businesses are Comprised- Adam Schiff

With the chaos that surrounds President Trump, it’s very easy to get lost in the tsunami of corruption, but Michael Cohen has confirmed what many of us already believed, that President Trump is owned by Putin and the Russians, and this will only lead to further developments.

In an interview with ABC’s “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos, Schiff said “there is now testimony, there is now a witness who confirms that in the same way Michael Flynn was compromised, that the president and his business are compromised.”

Cohen is supposed to be sentenced on the 12th of this month, but I have reason to believe that may be continued unless Mueller got everything he needed in his seventy plus hours of interviews with Cohen. However, on the 14th of December there may be a secret hearing on Mueller issuing a subpoena to President Trump.

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Did Robert Mueller Subpoena President Trump

Per President Trump, he has not received a subpoena from special counsel Robert Mueller. Considering Trump lies on average eight times a day that we know of, I won’t necessarily take him at his word.


In addition, Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser, is also scheduled to be sentenced later this month. Considering that Flynn pleaded guilty a year ago and his sentencing hearing(s) have been continued multiple times, that is usually an indication that he had a lot to say.

Which means within the next two weeks, we may see additional charges and/or Mueller’s final report if Cohen does in fact gets sentenced and there is a subpoena for Trump. In addition, I’d put money on Donald Trump, Jr. getting indicted before the month is over, and Roger Stone as well.

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President Trump Involved with Stormy Daniels’ Hush Payment

New reporting has David Pecker from the National Enquirer working with President Trump in violation of campaign finance laws.


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President Trump Already Buried Himself with Mueller’s Questions

President Trump confirms that he answered Robert Mueller’s questions personally, a big mistake.


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President Trump Just Stepped in Schitt

After insulting Adam Schiff, the House Intelligence Committee is looking to hire money laundering experts to review President Trump’s finances.


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What Michael Cohen Wants

Michael Cohen’s latest court filings requests that he serves no jail time for cooperating with the Robert Mueller investigation.

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Read Michael Cohen’s Indictment

Michael Cohen’s indictment as filed by Robert Mueller available in full text.

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