The Prosecution Rests in the Paul Manafort Trial

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The Prosecution Rests in the Paul Manafort Trial

After ten days and twenty-seven witnesses, the prosecutors on the Paul Manafort trial wrapped their case up.

Closing their case, the prosecutors had James Brennan, a vice-president of Federal Savings Bank testify that he lied about Manafort’s financial situation in order to get him approved for a $16 million loan.

Brennan admitted to the bank fraud, saying he was under pressure to get the loan approved by Stephen Calk, the founder of the bank.

Who the defense puts on the witness stand would no doubt be interesting, and of course, the question is always whether the defendant, Paul Manafort is going to testify. That’s a rarity and in a complicated financial fraud case such as this one, it is even less recommend that a defendant testify. But, in an act of desperation, you never know.

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