The Reality TV Presidency Now Includes John Bolton

I seriously don’t know when the embarrassment of Trump’s administration will end, but I can guarantee you that it will continue.

John Bolton, National Security Adviser needs some advice. Yesterday at a press briefing, he was seen holding a yellow legal pad with the sentence written “5000 troops to Colombia.” What a joke!

First of all, if he is the adviser of National Security, he needs to find another job because all he needed was one of those nice leather binders White House officials use all the time. Not to mention, he just released national security details.  There’s a reason lawyers use briefcases, so that other people cannot see the names on the files.

Bolton couldn’t make it more clear that he wanted the media to pick up on this. I think smoke signals was next. Of course, a White House spokesperson said “as the President has said, all options are on the table.”

Like President Maduro is going to be intimidated by a legal pad. And that brings up another question; Bolton actually had to write this down? He couldn’t remember this on his own?

I saw this right before I went to sleep. I remembered to write this post today as I promised myself and I remember what Bolton wrote after looking at it for a few seconds.

Bolton no doubt had a meeting with other top officials, but still had to scribble this down to jog his memory? If you need to write down as a reminder that you are sending 5,000 troops to Colombia as a way to threaten Venezuela, it’s time for another job.

This is nothing but a joke of a presidency as well as all his officials that play along in this two year reality t.v. show. Meanwhile, sanctions are being issued against Venezuela while sanctions are removed against Russian oligarchs.

Maybe that’s something Bolton should have written on his legal pad.

Now let’s see how long before Maduro mocks the presidency and does it as well.

Alexander Hernandez
Twitter @mcatty_alex

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