The Robert Mueller Investigation- August 2018

The Robert Mueller Investigation- August 2018

Rudy Giuliani Says Thanks But No Thanks to Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Apparently, with no legal justification, Rudy Giuliani is telling Robert Mueller he needs to complete his investigation.



Excuses, Excuses. Rudy Giuliani and President Trump

Rudy Giuliani continues to pretend he wants a meeting between Special Counsel Robert Mueller and President Trump, but in reality, Giuliani is just buying time.


The Manhattan Madam, Kristin Davis to Testify Before the Grand Jury

Kristin Davis, known as the Manhattan Madam is scheduled to testify before the grand jury. What will her testimony focus on? Most likely her close friend and uncle to her son, Roger Stone.


The Mueller- Trump Labor Day Cutoff

Rudy Giuliani had set an arbitrary cut-off for the Robert Mueller investigation ending in Labor Day, arguing he shouldn’t be any closer to the mid-term elections, but Mueller is under no legal obligation to speed up his investigation. If anything, he ethical obligation is to finish when he has to, not sooner.


It’s Confirmed -Trump Fears Mueller

Even though the Trump legal team keeps saying in media interviews they are willing to meet with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, one of Trump’s attorney Jay Sekulow said if a subpoena was issued, they would seek to quash the subpoena resulting in a long drawn out legal battle likely to end up in the Supreme Court.


It’s Time for President Trump to Meet Robert Mueller

Rudy Giuliani says President Trump wants to meet with Special Counsel Mueller. Trump echoes those words, but yet, we aren’t any closer today to all the parties involved meeting. How many attorneys does President Trump have and yet, so much indecisiveness on what is at most a five minute conversation with any client. Bottom line, if they wanted to meet Mueller, this could have been done months ago.


It’s Not Getting Any Better for Paul Manafort

Today, one of Paul Manafort’s tax preparers admitted to committing bank fraud by disguising foreign income as a loan in order to reduce his tax liability.


The Manhattan Madam Meets with Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Kristin Davis, known as the Manhattan Madam met with Robert Mueller. Davis has very close and personal connections to Roger Stone, who no doubt is in Mueller’s crosshairs.


It’s Over for Paul Manafort

Want to piss of a jury in a hurry? Introduce them to a $15,000 ostrich jacket and spending $100,000 a year on maintaining a pond. Not only that, new evidence shows that Paul Manafort had financial issues dating back years.


Are We Getting a Mueller-Trump Meeting

While Giuliani and President Trump continue to pretend they want to meet with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, they don’t. Now, Giuliani is saying they won’t ask questions related to obstruction of justice.


Day Two of the Manafort Trial- Al Capone

Of course, at the White House Press Briefing, Sarah Sanders, his wannabe-mistress, backed up Trump’s erratic behavior. I’ll skip the misspelling, one of many for Trump, of Al Capone’s first name which is spelled Alphonse.


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