The Robert Mueller Investigation- July 2018

The Robert Mueller Investigation- July 2018

Robert Mueller was the sixty Director of the FBI from 2001- 2013. He was the longest serving FBI director having worked under the President Bush and President Obama administrations.

Currently, Mueller is Special Counsel in the 2016 Russia election meddling investigation.


It’s All Rick Gate’s Fault

Today marks day one in the Paul Manafort trial, the first case to end up in trial in the investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


How Close is Robert Mueller- Very!

How close is Robert Mueller to tying everything in to President Trump? Even if he’s not close, President Trump and Rudy Giuliani believe he is.


President Trump is Desperate

If President Trump is running scared and desperate as it relates to Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation, Trump sure makes it look like he is.


Paul Manafort’s Trial Coming Up

The first trial in the Robert Mueller investigation begins next week with Paul Manafort, the former campaign manager for President Trump.

In total, thirty-five witnesses are expected to testify.


Allen Knows Where All the Financial Bodies Are Buried

The Robert Mueller investigation has now subpoenaed Allen Weisselberg who is President Trump’s personal accountant and chief financial officer of Trump’s company.


Was Tony Podesta Offered Immunity by Mueller

Tucker Carlson from Fox News continues to double down on his statement that Robert Mueller has offered immunity to Tony Podesta. Mueller was in court yesterday requesting immunity be granted to five witnesses in the Paul Manafort trial, but none of them are Podesta.


Paul Manafort Buys More Time

Robert Mueller’s team was before U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis on a hearing to grant immunity to five witnesses related to the Paul Manafort trial.



Porn Star, Playboy Model, Now a Madam

How strange are the list of characters associated with the Trump White House? How about a porn star in Stormy Daniels, a former Playboy model in Karen McDougal, and now a madam known as the Manhattan Madam.


Tony Podesta Gets Immunity Offer from Robert Mueller

According to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Robert Mueller has offered immunity to Tony Podesa, however, there has been zero confirmation of this information as much as Carlson continues to state it’s true.

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