The Robert Mueller Sexual Assault Scandal

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Robert Mueller, Special Counsel in the Russia probe, was now falsely implicated in a sexual assault.

The Robert Mueller Sexual Assault Scandal

If there are two things that sell, it is sex and scandals. Put them together and you have a whopper ready to lead the headlines for the next few days.

So, it should come as no surprise that Special Counsel Robert Mueller was implicated in a sexual assault scandal. I’m just surprised it took this long, especially since President Trump has been trying to discredit Mueller and the Russia probe from day one.

Several journalists were contacted over the last few days via email where the journalists were advised of a sex scandal involving Mueller. The problem is women were approached to falsely implicate Mueller in exchange for money and signing an affidavit. Of course, lying on an affidavit is a felony.

The scheme was hatched by Jack Burkman, a conservative radio talk show host and Republican lobbyist who has a history of having “bombshell” revelations and news that seem to never occur. Burkman of course, being the stable genius that he is, announced on Twitter he would provide additional information during the week, but now that the matter has been referred to the FBI, Burkman claims to not be involved at all.

The problem with this is simple enough: many will fall for this scam and six months from now they will be saying that Mueller was involved in a sex scandal and that Mueller’s investigation into President Trump and Russia’s election meddling is tainted.

Granted, these are the same people that continue to say that President Obama was born in Kenya, Hillary Clinton has a kill list and Uranium 1 made her millions of dollars, while at the same time running a child sex ring in a pizza restaurant.

With today being Halloween, it’s definitely scary that people believe in these far-fetched wacky conspiracy theories, but not as scary as the fact that I know some of these people.

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2 thoughts on “The Robert Mueller Sexual Assault Scandal

  • November 4, 2018 at 5:59 pm

    But there is no sex scandal with Mueller, it was created by far right crazies like Jacob Wahl. Then again, Trump supporters always pointing to Bill/Monica, but never mentioned Trump’s affairs. That’s hypocrisy.

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