The Supreme Court, Deutsche Bank, Russia, & President Trump

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The Supreme Court, Deutsche Bank, Russia, & President Trump

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy who is set to retire soon, has close ties to President Trump, but that’s not all.

Justice Kennedy’s son, Justin Kennedy, heads the real-estate division in Deutsche Bank, the same bank that was loaning President Trump money when no one else was, to the tune of $1 billion.

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Just this week, Deutsche Bank got slapped with a $600 million plus fine for a money-laundering scheme that moved $10 billion out of Russia in what is known as “mirror trading. The Moscow branch would buy stock in roubles, then the London branch would sell the same stock for the same price in dollars.

As a result, Deutsche Bank will now have to retain an independent auditor to confirm compliance with anti-money laundering laws.

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It has long been suspected that Special Counsel Robert Mueller sought a subpoena tied into Jared Kushner’s financial dealings at Deutsche Bank, even though Mueller’s legal team advised Trump’s attorneys that those reports were incorrect. But, guess who else has ties to Deutsch Bank? Paul Manafort.

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The Supreme Court Connection

President Trump has already appointed three federal judges to the bench which have clerked for Justice Kennedy, and of course, Brett Kavanaugh, also appointed by President Trump, is a former clerk of Justice Kennedy. Guess who else? Neil Gorsuch. Guess which Justice swore in Justice Gorsuch. Sounds like “pay to play.”

Justice Kennedy is 81 years old. If he were to pass away and the Democrats gain control of the House/Senate after the mid-term elections, we all know impeachment is the next step.

It would also allow for the Democrats to block any of President Trump’s picks for the Supreme Court. Remember, federal judges are appointed for life. Kavanaugh is fifty-three years old. No wonder Justice Ginsberg is planking.

“Say hello to your boy. Special guy.” -President Trump talking to Justice Kennedy after his first address to Congress

I always believed that the courts, especially the Supreme Court was immune from politics. I’m not so sure anymore.

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