The Supreme Court Hangs in the Balance

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Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

The Supreme Court Hangs in the Balance

After yesterday’s reality show with Judge Kavanaugh acting like a belligerent drunk, this is what it all comes down to, voting.

Did yesterday make for great tv in this reality show Presidency? Absolutely. But at this point, Republicans don’t care that Judge Kavanaugh is far too partisan. Forget Senator Graham’s emotional speech on how evil Democrats are for wanting to delay this because that is simply hypocrisy. Forget the fact that if Dr. Christine Blasey Ford acted like an angry drunk, she would be considered “unstable” at the minimum.

Yesterday was no doubt a low point in politics, to the point we have a possible Supreme Court Justice who is yelling on national television that the Clintons are seeking revenge for his investigation dating back to President Clinton, the Lewinsky scandal, and the Starr Report.

Today, a vote is taking place at 9:30 a.m., just twenty-four hours after a highly emotional day for the country. What’s the rush? Why can’t we delay this for one week to interview a couple of witnesses like Mark Judge? How long has the Supreme Court been without nine justices?

The fact is giving Dr. Ford the opportunity to testify was nothing but an attempt to look as the Republicans actually cared, yet, the Friday vote was scheduled in advance of Dr. Ford’s testimony and considering the vote is still going through, they had their minds made up already. Even worse, this may end up on the Senate floor on a Saturday. Why? To kill the story in the news cycle. By Monday, President Trump will have the country distracted with something else.

Multiple times Judge Kavanaugh was asked directly about involving the FBI, and he never answered the question. Each time saying the FBI doesn’t make conclusions. Of course not! The FBI is an investigatory branch, not judge, jury, and executioner. When Senator Durbin asked Kavanaugh again about the FBI, literally we heard crickets.

Unless the Republicans are voting to delay the final vote in order for the FBI to investigate, we are looking at travesty of justice, not just for women and accusers of sexual harassment and assault, but partisan politics in the highest court in the land, and that is a constitutional crisis.

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