The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court

sexual harassment attorneys, brett kavanaugh christine blasey ford, sexual assault lawyersDr. Christine Blasey Ford is a Liar

All there is left for the Republicans and President is to flat out call Dr. Ford a liar.




senate votes kavanaugh, supreme court justice kavanaugh, brett kavanaugh sworn inSenate Vote Count for Justice Kavanaugh

The Senate confirmed Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court by a vote



justice stevens and justice kavanaugh, brett kavanaugh sworn in, supreme court newsThe Disgust That is the Republican Party – Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh

The accusations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh were road blocked by President Trump, White House Counsel Don McGahn, and Republican Senators Chuck Grassley, Lindsey Graham, Orin Hatch, and Mitch McConnell.


senator susan collins donations, brett kavanaugh confirmation votes, supreme court nomination brett kavanaughThe $2 Million Dollar Speech by Senator Susan Collins

Donations for anti-Senator Collins campaign funds skyrocketed as she spoke on the Senate floor in favor of Judge Kavanaugh.


trump kavanaugh news, kavanaugh dr ford, second accuser kavanaughI Was Wrong About Kavanaugh

Did we hear anything scandalous about Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch? That’s why when Dr. Christine Blasey Ford stepped forward and said that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her, I believed her.


supreme court kavanaugh, trump news, judge kavanaugh supreme court appointmentDemocrats Get Screwed Again by Mitch McConnell

After a forty-five minute speech, Senator Susan Collins will be voting for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, adding yet another conservative on the bench.


senate confirmation hearings kavanaugh, senators vote on kavanaugh, trump news, breaking news just inThe Votes on Kavanaugh in the Senate

The Senate just voted on whether to proceed with a confirmation vote for Judge Kavanaugh.


kavanaugh dr ford, kavanaugh protestors, justice stevens brett kavanaughWho Else Says Kavanaugh Shouldn’t Be on the Supreme Court

We are looking at three firsts when it comes to Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court nominee.


kavanaugh wedding ramirez, kavanaugh accusers, kavanaugh fbi investigationBusted- the Brett Kavanaugh Coverup

The Republicans and the GOP are covering up in multiple ways possible Brett Kavanaugh’s actions.


jeff flake votes kavanaugh, jeff flake elevator, fbi investigates kavanaugh, trump newsTick. Tock. Kavanaugh

The FBI has already contacted Deborah Ramirez, the second accuser of Judge Kavanaugh. Missing from the investigation so far is Julie Swetnick, the third accuser of Kavanaugh and who is represented by Michael Avenatti.


michael avenatti swetnick, fbi investigation kavanaughJulie Swetnick- Kavanaugh Accuser Numero Tres- Restraining Order

Julie Swetnick is the third accuser to come forward with allegations about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh



fbi investigation kavanaugh, mark judge testimony, kavanaugh newsThe FBI Goes to Work- Kavanaugh’s Second Accuser

By order of President Trump, the FBI will begin their investigations against the allegations made against Brett Kavanaugh. The FBI will be communicating with Deborah Ramirez, Kavanaugh’s second accuser.


michael avenatti julie swetnick, jeff flake kavanaugh, trump newsFirst FBI Probe, Then Impeachment for Kavanaugh

The FBI investigation is just step one. Step two: impeachment.



jeff flake votes kavanaugh, jeff flake elevator, fbi investigates kavanaugh, trump newsThe Walls are Caving in on Brett Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh may have cost himself a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court with his partisan rant that led to President Trump’s order to have the FBI investigate the sexual assault allegations.


jeff flake elevator, jeff flake kavanaugh voteSenate Republicans Succumb to Political Pressure

Pressure is no longer coming from the left, it’s coming from everywhere, and front and center is Senator Jeff Flake.


dr christine blasey ford kavanaugh, chuck grassley kavanaughThe Supreme Court Hangs in the Balance

After yesterday’s reality show with Judge Kavanaugh acting like a belligerent drunk, this is what it all comes down to, voting.



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Tick. Tock. Kavanaugh