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Allen Weisselberg

robert mueller subpoena, allen weisselberg immunity, michael cohen plea

Allen Weisselberg is President Trump’s former CEO and personal accountant who is currently working with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

David Pecker- The National Enquirer

national enquirer fake news, immunity david pecker

David Pecker is former CEO of the National Enquirer and former friends with President Trump that is cooperating with the Mueller investigation. Pecker currently has an immunity deal.


Donald Trump, Jr.

trump tower meeting, donald trump jr

Donald Trump, Jr. is the eldest child of President Trump.


George Papadopoulos

robert mueller immunity, george papadopolous wife,george papadopoulos trump fox news,

George Papadopoulos is a former campaign adviser to President Trump who pleaded guilty to lying to federal prosecutors and investigators. Papadopoulos cooperated with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


Attorney General Jeff Sessions

jeff sessions news, trump jeff sessions tweet, jeff sessions

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions was appointed by President Trump, but was forced to resign after the midterm elections.


Former Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker

AG Matthew Whitaker, Matthew Whitaker Robert mueller, alexander hernandez, attorney general doj

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker was appointed as a temporary replacement to Jeff Sessions by President Trump.


trump new attorney general, attorney alexander hernandez, share the truth liberally, william barr confirmation, new attorney general us,us attorney general, who is attorney general,attorney general nominee

Attorney General William Barr

December 2018 – Present


james comey lied, loretta lynch testimony, hillary clinton new emails, attorney alexander hernandez, james comey fbi director, did hillary clinton delete emails after subpoena

James Comey- Former Director of the FBI

Latest news on James Comey, former Director of the FBI fired by President Trump.

Jerome Corsi 

alexander hernandez, robert mueller jerome corsi, jerome corsi wikileaks, infowars, birtherism

Jerome Corsi is a Roger Stone associate who is best know for his conspiracy theories, specifically the founder of birtherism, accusing President Barack Obama of being born in Kenya. He is under investigation by Robert Mueller.


Manhattan Madam, Kristin Davis

Manhattan madam robert mueller, kristin davis manhattan madam, manhattan madam roger stone

Kristin Davis known as the Manhattan Madam, has testified before Robert Mueller’s grand jury. She is good friends with Roger Stone and her son is the god child of Stone.

Maria Butina

maria butina russia, trump russia collusion, paul erickson maria butina

Maria Butina is connected politically as well as to the NRA (National Rifle Association). She is accused of being a Russian spy.

Melania Trump

first lady melania trump, cyberbullying campaigns

Melania Trump, FLOTUS, is the first lady.

Michael Cohen

michael cohen wife, phil mudd cnn, michael cohen access hollywood, 

Michael Cohen was known as the “fixer” for President Trump. He is cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller and has implicated the President in two cases.

February – Present


alexander hernandez, michael flynn news today, michael flynn sentencing document, robert mueller election probe, michael flynn plea deal

Michael Flynn- Former National Security Adviser

Michael Flynn was the former National Security Adviser for President Trump, having served in his position for less than a month. Flynn has been cooperating with Special Counsel Mueller since December of 2017.

Omarosa Manigault Newman

omarosa recording, john kelly tapes 

Omarosa Manigault is best known as a reality t.v. star having worked for President Trump on The Apprentice, but she also worked as an adviser to Trump in the White House.


paul manafort guilty plea, trump russia collusion, manafort ukraine, paul manafort latest news, breaking news trump administration

Paul Manafort is President Trump’s former campaign manager who has been convicted of eight counts of financial fraud by Robert Mueller.

Paul Manafort 


Rod Rosenstein

articles of impeachment, freedom caucus members

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein worked under former Attorney General Jeff Sessions and now Matthew Whitaker.

Roger Stone

kristin davis manhattan madam, roger stone trump

Roger Stone is a self-proclaimed “dirty trickster” and former partner of Paul Manafort. Stone was an adviser to Trump’s campaign as is being investigated for his role in the WikiLeaks email hack of Hillary Clinton.

February 2019- Present

July 2018- January 31, 2019

The Robert Mueller Investigation

russia trump collusion, bob mueller probe, paul manafort trial updates

Robert Mueller is the Special Counsel appointed to investigate the 2016 Russia election meddling.

February 1 – present

January 1, 2019 – January 30, 2019


Rudy Giuliani

fox news channel streaming, rudy giuliani truth isn't truth, giuliani trump 

Rudy Giuliani is President Trump’s personal attorney.

  • Page 1, (July – August 15, 2018)
  • Page 2 (August 17 – Present)

President Trump & the U.S. Supreme Court

corey booker kavanaugh, diane feinstein kavanaugh hearing

Latest news and cases in the Supreme Court.

Vice-President Mike Pence

trump tower meeting, russia election meddling, trump twitter, trump witch hunt


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