The United States Supreme Court

The United States Supreme Court

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Brett Kavanaugh and the Republicans Have a Major Problem

Well, that’s who Christine Blasey Ford is, the accuser of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.


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Political Karma for President Trump and Brett Kavanaugh

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is being accused of sexual misconduct, which he denies, but, rather than investigate and look further into the allegations, it’s time to move on. The hypocrisy that the Republican party is.


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“I Then Placed Myself Underneath his Lifeless Body”

She was invited to testify at the confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh and her testimony focused on her experiences at the mass shooting, including having to take cover underneath the dead body of one of her classmates. Try putting that into perspective.


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Why Are There Still Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings

But, here is my question- why are confirmation hearings still taking place? It’s not enough that Republicans did not provide 100,000 pages because President Trump said not too under the veil of Executive Privilege, another way of saying abuse of power?


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Day One of the Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings

Maybe, the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, but even then, viewers were listening in to hear the gossip tabloid stuff like “long dong silver” and Anita Hill’s testimony. Other than that, it was a snoozer.

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The Snub- Brett Kavanaugh and Fred Guttenberg

As a recess was called at the Senate Confirmation hearing, Guttenberg approached Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh. The picture speaks for itself.


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Dirty GOP and the Brett Kavanaugh Papers

How many pages was the book? Three hundred? Four hundred pages? How long did it take for you to read four hundred pages? Now imagine that I ask you to make a decision that will affect you forever, and it’s buried in 42,000 pages and you have a few hours to figure it all out. Crazy? Insane? How about typical GOP political tactics.


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The Ghost of Richard Nixon and Brett Kavanaugh

But, interesting enough, as much as Democrats don’t like to use the “I” word, impeachment, at the minimum, they are dropping hints.

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The Fight Against Brett Kavanaugh Continues

While the Republicans have been trying to push Kavanaugh’s confirmation appointment through, the fact is it should have to wait.


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Supreme Court Pick Brett Kavanaugh was Picked to Protect President Trump

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh worked with Ken Starr in his investigation of then President Bill Clinton. The President and Republicans alike, are pushing through as fast as possible Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing, fearful that Democrats take over in the mid-term elections with a blue wave, which will likely result in Democrats not approving Kavanaugh.


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The Supreme Court, Deutsche Bank, Russia, & President Trump

It has long been suspected that Special Counsel Robert Mueller sought a subpoena tied into Jared Kushner’s financial dealings at Deutsche Bank, even though Mueller’s legal team advised Trump’s attorneys that those reports were incorrect. But, guess who else has ties to Deutsch Bank? Paul Manafort.

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