The Votes on Kavanaugh in the Senate

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The Senate voted moments ago on proceeding with Kavanaugh for Supreme Court.

The Votes on Kavanaugh in the Senate

The Senate just voted on whether to proceed with a confirmation vote for Judge Kavanaugh. This vote is strictly procedural and was just decided at fifty-one to forty-nine to proceed. Now, the question remains are there enough votes to confirm Kavanaugh as early as tomorrow.

As to votes pretty much guaranteed, Senator Mitch McConnell has forty-eight senators on the “yes” side. If by any chance there is a tie, then Vice President Mike Pence will be the tie breaker and we know how he will vote.

On a historical note, a Vice President voting for a tie breaker has never been done neither on the Supreme Court or federal level.

This post will be updated as a list of who voted to proceed becomes available.

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