The Witch Hunt Has How Many People Now

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The Witch Hunt Has How Many People Now

How Many People in President Trump’s orbit are tied into Russia?






Okay, I give up. Let’s just go straight to sixteen.

Sixteen people have had contact with Russia in one form or another, whether in person, phone calls, emails, text messages, even video chats.

The list of deplorables, if not traitors are listed below along with individual pages that contains prior posts and archives.

Paul Manafort-

Former Trump campaign manager already convicted on eight counts of financial fraud and who as of late was accused of giving more false statements to Robert Mueller, sits in solitary confinement.

Rick Gates –

Paul Manafort’s former business partner who testified against Manafort at his financial fraud trial, had contact with Konstantin Kilimnik who is tied into Russian intelligence and has been charged by Mueller for obstruction of justice.

Michael Flynn –

Trump’s National Security Adviser that survived twenty-four days on the job and has flipped, spoke to and texted Sergey Kislyak during the Trump transition. Flynn was also paid a speaking fee in Russia that he did for RT- Russia’s state television network.

Flynn was also present with White House senior adviser and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner, when they met with Kislyak at the Trump Tower meeting.

Donald Trump Jr. –

Don, Jr. was also at the Trump Tower meeting and most likely will get indicted for lying to the House Intelligence Committee about the meeting. Rumors are before the end of the month Don, Jr. will get indicted.

In addition to the Trump Tower meeting, Don, Jr. made several calls to Emin Agalarov, the Russian pop star who helped arranged the meeting. Trump Jr. also met Russian banker Alexander Torshin at a dinner during the National Rifle Association convention. Torshin provided funding for Maria Butina who has now flipped and is cooperating with federal prosecutors.

Even the NRA is being looked into for their connections with Russia. 

Jared Kushner-

Trump’s son-in-law and White House adviser regardless of nepotism laws, was also present at the Trump Tower meeting. Kushner also met Kislyak and Russian state banker Sergey Gorkov.

George Papadopoulos –

Another Trump adviser, Papadopoulos met with Kremlin-connected professor Joseph Mifsud and a Russian woman who falsely claimed to be Vladimir Putin’s niece. Papadopoulos was also in touch with Ivan Timofeev, a Russian foreign policy analyst.

Mifsud per a DNC lawsuit, is believed to be dead. He left the United States thanks to stall tactics by Papadopoulos, so Mueller and his team never got to question him.

Carter Page –

Page met with Kislyak during the Republican convention, Russian lawmakers, and an executive from the Kremlin-run oil company Rosneft during trips to Russia in July and December 2016.

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions –

Met twice with Kislyak during the Republican convention and at his Senate office in Washington.

JD Gordon –

Former Trump campaign official who has avoided the limelight for now, also met with Kislyak during the Republican National Convention and they spoke at two other events.

Roger Stone-

Trump’s former campaign manager and who is feeling the heat from Robert Mueller, spoke to Russian hacker Guccifer 2.0 via Twitter DM’s.

Stone is believed to have also had contact with Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks as it relates to the hacking of DNC servers and Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Michael Caputo-

Arranged for Roger Stone to meet “Harry Greenberg” and has been questioned by Mueller’s team. 

Erik Prince-

Betsy Devos’ brother and Blackwater founder, had a trip in Seychelles, a place known for where the rich and powerful go when they want to stay away from prying eyes, admitted to Congress that he spoke with Kirill Dmitrieva Russian banker.

Avi Berkowitz-

An official in the White House that served as Jared Kushner’s personal assistant, met with Kislyak during the Trump transition.

Michael Cohen –

Trump’s former attorney that admitted working on the Moscow Project, an attempt by President Trump to build a Trump Tower in Moscow and who discussed the project with Dmitry Peskov who is a spokesperson for the Kremlin.

Cohen was recently sentenced to three years in prison and has implicated Trump in two separate cases.

Ivanka Trump –

Ivanka has confirmed she received an email from the wife of a Russian that she forwarded to Michael Cohen.

Felix Sater-

Sater who has a shady past to say the least, has worked on numerous real estate deals with President Trump and spoke numerous times with Michael Cohen on the Trump Tower Moscow project.

And yet, the President has said how many times he knows nothing about Russia, has no business dealings in Russia (I guess forgetting about the Miss Universe Pageant), no communication(s) with Russia, but in the same breath says how he would get along with Putin and believes Putin’s words over that of his own intelligence community?

Others Charged as a Result of the Mueller Investigation

Richard Pinedo –

Pinedo has been sentenced to six months in prison for identity theft and selling bank accounts online to Russians.

Sam Patten-

Failed to register as a foreign agent and pled guilty earlier this year.

Twelve Russian Intelligence Officers –

Mueller charged the twelve Russian officers with conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, conspiracy to launder money, and identity theft.

Thirteen Russian Nationals plus Three Companies –

Mueller has also charged Russian nationals and related companies with conspiracy to defraud the United States, identity theft, conspiracy to commit bank fraud.

Alex van der Zwaan –

An attorney having done legal work for Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, van der Zwann was sentenced to thirty days in prison for lying about his conversations with Gates.

Now, if you didn’t know Mueller or anything that is going on and were shown these facts, you would think Mueller has accomplished all this within a few years and with a large staff and working out of a federal District Attorney’s office. Try wrapping your brain around that, and the best part, considering the asset forfeitures he has had, Mueller is turning a profit.

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