Third Time the Charm or Not for Michael Cohen

The “fixer,” aka Michael Cohen, has once again postponed his appearance before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Cohen had recent shoulder surgery, so we are back to a “wait and see” approach.

Cohen is scheduled to turn himself in to federal prison to begin his three-year prison on March 6. However, even if Cohen cannot make an appearance before prison, he could still be subpoenaed to appear and testify.

For now, Cohen is still scheduled for February 28th before the House Intelligence Committee, but that appears to be a closed-door session.

Alexander Hernandez
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The Kim Kardashian Defense by Roger Stone

With Roger Stone as a defendant, you have to expect some funny things going on in his circus case. Stone’s latest: he’s not Kim Kardashian.

I never thought I would confuse those two, but we are talking Roger Stone here.

On Friday, Stone’s lawyers argued just that, arguing against the gag order which Stone has promised to appeal if there one. His lawyers argued that Stone doesn’t have the celebrity that Kardashian has in order to influence the jury pool.

“While Roger Stone may be familiar to those who closely follow American politics, he is hardly ubiquitous in the larger landscape of popular consciousness,” his lawyers wrote. “Kim Kardashian has 59.5 million followers on Twitter…

“By contrast,” his lawyers continued, “Roger Stone has no Twitter account at all and, thus has no Twitter followers. On Instagram, Kim Kardashian has 126 million followers. Roger Stone’s Instagram following amounts to 39 thousand subscribers.”

Of course, a social media following has nothing to do with Stone’s interviews on major networks.

Stone’s Court pleading can be found via this link and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s via this link.

Alexander Hernandez 
Twitter @mcatty_alex

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