Tick. Tock. Kavanaugh

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Brett Kavanaugh testifying after Christine Blasey Ford.

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Tick. Tock. Kavanaugh

Before Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified, based on the facts of her life, career, and reputation, she already seemed like a credible person. Testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee only confirmed that. But, as the FBI starts its investigation, more people continue to come forward on Brett Kavanaugh.

The FBI has already contacted Deborah Ramirez, the second accuser of Judge Kavanaugh. Missing from the investigation so far is Julie Swetnick, the third accuser of Kavanaugh and who is represented by Michael Avenatti. Oddly enough, the FBI has not contacted Avenatti even though he has made attempts to contact them. At the same time, the White House says it is not restricting the FBI investigation. Then why can’t Avenatti get an interview?

Fact is Avenatti is a thorn in the President’s side and now that Republicans have taken to insulting Avenatti’s choice of a client in Stormy Daniels by calling him “porn lawyer,” we know they are running away as fast as possible from him. Sounds like the White House is controlling the investigation as major media publications are saying. The mere fact that President Trump has limited the length of time and scope of the investigation is proof enough.

Fact is, Deborah Ramirez is going to provide witnesses to the FBI to verify her story, the same as Dr. Ford. If Julie Swetnick gets her chance, she will, too. This is no different than the Robert Mueller investigation. One witness leads to another, to another.

Now, another credible witness has stepped forward regarding Kavanaugh’s drinking days. Chad Ludington is a history professor from North Carolina State University and former classmate of Kavanaugh.

Ludington states that Kavanaugh has blacked out from drinking and drank more than he claimed. Ludington even tells a story of Kavanaugh throwing beer at someone’s face that resulted in a mutual friend getting arrested. Here’s the thing: that could be proven in five seconds. The FBI should investigate this latest allegation as there will be a record of the arrest and those involved.

Ludington like the others, makes for a very reliable and credible witness and is quick to point out this isn’t about drinking and acting like a typical college student.

“Heavy drinking or even loutish behavior of an 18 or even 21 year old shouldn’t condemn a person for the rest of his life.” But, if Kavanaugh “lied about his past actions on national television, and more especially while speaking under oath in front of the United States Senate, I believe those lies should have consequences.”

Update– In his media statement, Ludington did not state he saw Kavanaugh pass out from drinking alcohol.

From day one, I expected the truth to come out, especially if Dr. Ford got to testify and the FBI was ordered to investigate. It is because of that, that I still believe that Kavanaugh will withdraw his name from the nomination as requested by the President as I have said from the beginning.

President Trump can go to Twitter and say that Kavanaugh resigned on his own, what a great man Kavanaugh is, and it is a shame that the “Democrats and the Clintons” have played dirty politics to the point that Kavanaugh’s name and that of his family has been dragged through the mud.

Kavanaugh’s confirmation is a catch-22. If he gets nominated, there will be forever a dark cloud on every of his opinions especially if it is against a democratic or liberal case and/or issue, effectively destroying his legacy. Considering the Democrats will try to impeach him whether on the Supreme Court or the appellate court, this is a lose-lose for the Republicans, President Trump, and Kavanaugh.

At this point, Republicans have to stop the bleeding and cut their losses. Kavanaugh does a press conference, says this is for the better of the country and his family, and walks away. That’s the only way the Republicans can try to get another Justice appointed on the bench because I find it unlikely it will be Kavanaugh at this point.

This isn’t Anita Hill with only one witness. This is multiple witnesses with strong academic backgrounds, jobs, credibility, and more importantly, have everything to lose if they lie.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter @mcatty_alex


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