Time to Subpoena Sean Hannity

In an interview with President Donald, Sean Hannity discussed topics ranging from the North Korea Summit to Michael Cohen.

In reference to Michael Cohen, Trump said:

“He lied about so many things and yet he could have said, he might as well lie about that one too, but he said no collusion. And everybody said no collusion. Richard Burr, Senator Burr, said no collusion. Senate Intelligence, the House has come up, the committee, as you know….Devin Nunes and all, they said no collusion, and yet it goes on and on.”

Then of course, Trump said he was the most successful president with two years in office.

Hannity, who has said that Cohen was not his lawyer, which isn’t true since he also said he consulted with Cohen about real estate deals, reminded Trump that he has interviewed him “many times over the years.”

“I interviewed him multiple times on radio and TV. He was never my attorney. I can tell you personally, he said to me at least a dozen times that he made the decision on the payments and he didn’t tell you. He told me personally.”

That statement means it’s subpoena time!

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Hannity cannot claim attorney-client privilege because he is not an attorney and in his statement confirms that Cohen was never his attorney. Donald Trump, Jr. actually claimed attorney-client privilege before the Intelligence Committee even though he is not a lawyer, but his attorney was present in the room.

Even if there were attorney-client privilege, Hannity waived it by speaking about it publicly.

In addition, Hannity’s statement was not made as a journalist in an interview with Cohen. For the record, it’s even arguable if Hannity is a journalist.

Don’t be surprised if the Southern District of New York (SDNY) issues Hannity a subpoena and I for one will welcome it.

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