Today’s Happy Hour Drink- White Russian!

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White Russian for Happy Hour.

Today’s Happy Hour Drink- White Russian!

Welcome to Happy Hour News where we kick back, enjoy ourselves, and try to put the day behind us.

With today being Friday, it’s TGIF. But, with the latest developments in the White House, I don’t want the week to end.

Why White Russian for today’s drink? Come on, do I really have to spell it out for you? Fine. A guy walks into the bar and orders a White Russian. The bartender hands him a photo of President Trump.

How bad was it for President Trump? It wasn’t only the worst week of his Presidency and his life, and it may be the worst week in Presidential history.

Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen– President Trump’s fixer is no longer, but he is the flipper.  But, you know it always gets better.

Cohen has been subpoenaed by the Attorney General of New York which has a pending lawsuit against Trump where it is alleged he misappropriated funds in reference to his charitable foundation- the Donald J. Trump Foundation.

That should be more than enough for a scandal, but there’s more.

Paul Manafort

Former Campaign Manager Paul Manafort was found guilty. While the President likes to blow this off, fact is Manafort was close to President Trump and Manafort’s choices on his next move are limited. Either he flips, dies in prison, or hopes he can get a Presidential pardon.

But wait- there’s more.

David Pecker

What’s mentioned above, is enough for multiple administrations, but all in the same week for this administration.

David Pecker who is the Chairman of the National Enquirer and helped bury stories to President Trump’s benefit, is cooperating with Mueller. Imagine that.

Like a 2 a.m. infomercial- but wait, there’s more.

Allen Weisselberg

Can you believe this is only in one week? This would be at least two years worth of scripts in a blockbuster tv show, but it’s only 5 days in the Trump Administration.

Weisselberg no doubt is the wick to the implosion of President Trump’s impeachment. Weisselberg is President Trump’s personal account and Chief Financial Officer. A relationship dating back more than four decades.

Weisselberg has been offered immunity by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team.

Like I said in my first post about Weisselberg; it is usually the lesser known individuals such as accountants that hold the key to everything.

Accountants and financial documents are never exciting or sexy, but like I say over and over again, paper doesn’t lie.

Enjoy your White Russian my friends.

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