Today’s Headlines and Coffee

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Good morning. Photo Mero Kinmel


Today’s Headlines and Coffee

Good morning this Thursday (sip from coffee). Let’s see what today’s news are while we enjoy that perfect hot cup of coffee.



Trump’s Worried About Impeachment

President Trump according to the Washington Post, has discussed with his personal attorneys the possibility of impeachment.

Mr. President, as a concerned citizen for our nation’s democracy, let me help you there, the possibility is real!


Don McGahn is Out

White House Counsel Don McGahn is resigning before the end of the year according to President Trump’s tweet. This comes after it became public knowledge that McGahn spoke to Robert Mueller and his team for more than thirty hours about the Russia Investigation.

The funny thing, McGahn was surprised by President Trump’s announcement.


President Trump and Violence

President Trump continues to warn of violence if the Democrats win the mid-term elections, an effort to fear the country, it’s citizens, and the voting process into submission.


Jeff Sessions Running Out of Time

Now, Senator Lindsey Graham is speaking publicly about firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions. No doubt an attempt by the GOP to protect President Trump from Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


EA- Electronic Arts and the Jacksonville Shooting

In an act of class, EA is donating $1 million to the victims of the mass shooting at Jacksonville Landing where the gaming competition took place.


John McCain

In honor of the late Senator, thousands of Arizonians waited in one hundred plus degree heat to honor John McCain that lay in state in the Arizona State Capitol.

And what I consider a beautiful story, McCain’s mother, 106 years old, will be attending her son’s service in Washington, D.C.


Finish that cup of coffee and have a good day.

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