Today’s News- Coffee and the Supreme Court

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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Today’s News- Coffee and the Supreme Court

Good morning. Back to reality after a long weekend. So, make that coffee extra strong today and let’s go over summaries of today’s headline news.


Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

The news of the day will no doubt focus on Brett Kavanaugh, another conservative pick by President Trump for the Supreme Court.

At issue, not only the Republicans speeding up his confirmation before the mid-term elections, but 100,000+ documents were not provided to the Democrats to review.


President Trump and Jeff Sessions

The war between the President and the Attorney General continues. The President spent his weekend tweeting (surprise surprise) that Sessions should not have allowed the investigations of two members of the GOP- Duncan Hunter and Chris Collins. President Trump also stated in his tweet that the two GOP member were being investigated during President Obama’s term. 100% NOT TRUE.

No one spreads more fake news than President Trump.


Rudy Giuliani and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Report

Giuliani already hinted at the fact that the President may invoke his Executive power to keep Mueller’s report out of public view, if not at a minimum, parts of it. What do they have to hide?


The Sadness of Deep State Conspiracies

I don’t know whether it is tribalism, party over country, or just pure madness, but now former Judge Jeanine Pirro is saying the Robert Mueller investigation was done in order to “frame” the President. As a former judge, she should really know a lot better. I’ll add her to the Rudy Giuliani list of lawyers that should be disbarred for spreading their false accusations based on zero evidence.

Enjoy your week and check in for my posts throughout the day. And for those of you in the zone of Tropical Storm Gordon, be careful and be prepared.

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