Tori Spelling’s Divorce Versus Yours

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Tori Spelling’s Divorce Versus Yours

Tori Spelling has been married to Dean McDermott for twelve years, and per Life & Style article, while the couple wants to get divorced, they cannot afford to, a common issue in divorce cases.


Both are without steady income and in a tough financial situation. Unfortunately, finances is usually the number one cause for divorce. They were even sued by American Express for an outstanding credit card bill in the amount of $90,000.

For one, the article goes on to cite that celebrity divorces could cost up to $250,000. Maybe so, but it doesn’t have to be that way. And while your divorce case will have attorney’s fees at a fraction of that, it’s all relative to one’s financial situation.

The Emotional Side of Divorce 

The problem with divorces as I try to tell clients all the time is look at it as a business. How much do you want to put in and how much will you get back? For example, when it comes to dividing up marital assets, if you spend $5,000 to get $5,000 in return, that’s a bad deal. Yet, because of the emotional impact of divorces, clients at times wish to argue facts when as an attorney, I already know the results before we even step into court.

For example, at mediations I have witnessed parties spending an hour arguing over a $50 sofa while paying $250 an hour for an attorney and half of the mediator’s fees. Yet, a less scrupulous attorney may take advantage of a similar situation and litigate everything or create unnecessary litigation, thereby increasing attorney’s fees unnecessarily.

The reality is whether it is you or Tori Spelling, most divorces can and should be resolved without litigation. Before you travel down the path of litigation, ask yourself once simple question- is it worth it?

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.

Twitter- @mcatty_alex

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