Tough Guy Matthew Whitaker Doesn’t Want a Subpoena

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker has said he will not voluntarily appear before the House Judiciary Committee this Friday unless the committee agrees not to subpoena him.

“I remain willing to appear to testify tomorrow, provided that the chairman assures me that the committee will not issue a subpoena today or tomorrow, and that the committee will engage in good faith negotiations before taking such a step down the road,” Whitaker said in a statement.

“Political theater is not the purpose of an oversight hearing, and I will not allow that to be the case.”

The House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler has already given Whitaker the questions ahead of time, but Whitaker did not answer on whether he intends to assert Executive Privilege.

Thus, just in case, Nadler already received approval from the House to issue the subpoena if need be.

“The subpoena will only be issued if he refuses to answer questions on a speculative basis of privilege,” Nadler said.

“If he does not show up—though I do expect he will—but if he refuses to answer questions he ought to answer, then we will have the tools we need to ensure that we may adequately meet our own responsibilities.”

It would sure be fun to see Nadler issue the subpoena in the middle of the hearing.

Alexander Hernandez
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