Traitor Paul Manafort has 19 Million Reasons to Stay in Prison

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Paul Manafort, President Vladimir Putin
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Traitor Paul Manafort has 19 Million Reasons to Stay in Prison

Keep an eye on this name- Victor Boyarkin. Who is he? He’s on the U.S. Sanction’s list and that’s not good for Paul Manafort or President Trump.

With original reporting by TIME, Boyarkin is tied into Manafort and President Vladimir Putin. Manafort owed millions of dollars to Boyarkin and they had communicated during the presidential race.

Per Boyarkin, “he owed us a lot of money and he was offering ways to pay it back.” Remember, Manafort worked for free for the Trump campaign, something campaign managers never do. It always begged the question why? But, now we can make reasonable conclusions as the pieces of the Trump-Russia puzzle continues to come together.

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We know from prior reporting that Manafort was operating in the red. He was even sued by Oleg Deripaska, another Russian oligarch and Boyarkin’s job was to collect on that debt, approximately $19 million. Which now leads me to ask the same question as always- why was Manafort in a rush to take a loser case to trial and now lying to Special Counsel Mueller? Or work for free?

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Well, working for free got Manafort through the door of the Trump campaign. But, now what? When someone offers their services for free, there’s usually a bigger picture.

When an attorney is willing to represent a client in a high-profile case for free, there’s usually money to be made in another way. Michael Avenatti is an excellent example of that.

Emails previously obtained by The Atlantic and Washington Post, reveals that Manafort had offered “private briefings” about the presidential race to Deripaska to “get whole.” Manafort was looking to save his own hide and still is.

Whatever information he was to provide or deal he thought he could close such as more investments from Trump in Moscow other than another Trump Tower, makes him a traitor and the word treason also comes to mind. But, Manafort’s end game is now clear, I give you information and in return my debt is wiped out.

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Regardless, numerous times I’ve hypothesized maybe it was safer in prison for Manafort than out. How the Manafort case was handled from the beginning from a legal perspective never made sense to me.

I always jumped to the conclusion there was more to it than meets the eye. It was like Manafort wanted to make sure he stayed in prison.

Even when Manafort was out on pre-trial release, he was accused of witness tampering and had to await trial in solitary confinement.

Manafort then takes an obvious loser case to trial which would result in a death sentence at his age, and when given the chance to cooperate with Mueller, he lies to him.

Granted, Manafort could have been protecting the President and again we can think of a pardon, but remember, Presidential pardons only exist at the federal level, so state crimes could be pursued. Besides, I never saw a connection as tight with Manafort and Trump like I did with Michael Cohen.

There’s no denying Manafort is a smart guy and he’s hired well-qualified attorneys. So, why all the steps or mis-steps that guarantee to put him in jail for life? Because Manafort owes money to the wrong people and maybe prison is his best, safest option.

Boyarkin admits that Special Counsel Robert Mueller contacted him, but he refused to cooperate with the investigation.

Now I wonder what’s next for Manafort? Witness protection program or prison for life?

The U.S. Sanctions list can be seen below.

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