Trump and Russia’s RT Spy Christmas Video

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Trump and Russia’s RT Spy Christmas Video

I’ve been saying for a while that Vladimir Putin and Russia are having the time of their lives making fun of the chaos they have created. Over and over again, I’ve written they are mind ####### us. Well, just like I wrote that President Trump didn’t spare us from his temper tantrums on Christmas, Russia didn’t spare the United States from poking fun at us either.

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RT is Russian television and the country’s propaganda station to the point that the Justice Department requires RT America to be registered as a “foreign agent” under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

In the video, President Trump is in the White House opening gifts from world leaders, including two small busts of gold from North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. It gets trashed.

A “Make America Great Again” hat complete with the “Made in China” label also gets trashed along with a gold crown from the Saudi King that the President tries on for size.

Finally, President Trump opens up a gift that is not labeled and pulls out a T-shirt that reads “Do you work for the GRU,” which is Russia’s Military Intelligence.

In the final scene, first lady Melania Trump is wearing the shirt, and the President is in bed using an iPad. He says: “Melania, you’re from somewhere over there. What does that T-shirt say?”

“Yes, Donald, It says ‘Make America Great Again,’ what else?”

The T-shirt is even available for purchase. Sad… We are the butt of the world’s joke.

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