Trump Failed the Country with his Address

Last night the President failed epically our country and 800,000 federal employees. The country watched, I’m sure Wall Street as well, to see what President Trump had to say to give hope and faith that the government shutdown was over.

Instead, robotic like, solemn, and with that strange deep inhaling he does when he is under stress, the President lied as to why the wall that is now a steel barrier, has to be funded in order to open the government. I wonder how his base will respond to the wall that is no more.

Then again, for weeks the President and his cronies have been playing with words to the point the President said he never mentioned a concrete wall.

There’s two things that Trump should have learned from owning bankrupt casinos:

  1. You can’t always double-down, and
  2. The House always wins.

As expected, Trump’s statements were littered with lies, especially his claims on how drugs enter the country. Here’s a hint, just like illegal immigrants, the majority of drugs enter through ports of entry. The part that Trump doesn’t get is that one the group of people that would know this is federal employees.

Trump pushed his back against the non-existent border wall, and the question that remains is how he will see himself out of it.

All Trump had to say was a temporary agreement could be reached, but, he doubled down that without funding for the “steel barrier,” the government shutdown remains. How did the House react?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer responded with their own statements, side-by-side in a show of unity. Trust me, the Republicans are keeping their distance from Trump.

The Democrats plan of attack is simple enough: separate funding for “border security” from the government shutdown.

The House already passed two bi-partisan bills to fund the government, but Senator Mitch McConnell keeps blocking the bills from reaching the Senate floor. In addition, the House will fund different parts of government.

It’s time for the shutdown to end. The overwhelming percentage of the country does not want the wall. Even Republicans and his base are speaking out against the wall and siding with Democrats.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter @mcatty_alex

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