Trump Losing- Border Wall and the Government Shutdown

Nothing funnier or worse, when negotiating with someone and they actually think they are offering you something. I’m not talking playing hardball, I’m talking ignorance based on “I’ll huff and puff.”

Many times in my career, I’ve had lawyers make me offers that I tell them I would get a better deal by going to trial and I remind them that their client cannot afford another hour of attorney’s fees, nonetheless a trial.

I tend to be sarcastic and say something along the lines of drunk and stoned in court, I could get more than what you are offering me right now. In normal terms; never accept an offer that would be your worst day in court.

President Trump’s offer yesterday to end the government shutdown was “the worst day in court” in scenario.

As the government shutdown hits a month, President Trump’s proposal was a “YUGE” failure.

The best President Trump could do is reiterate $5.7 billion in border wall funding and offer an extension of three years to the “dreamers” DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) recipients. This deal was called a “non-starter” by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi before President Trump even said his first word.

Let’s not forget, Mexico was paying for the wall so why is this even an issue? Oh, I know, Trump’s base ignoring the fact how the overwhelming majority of illegal immigration takes place in this country including bringing in drugs.

You have to be a complete idiot if you think the majority of drugs comes in with someone crossing the border with a backpack through treacherous terrain that only a Marine or Navy Seal could survive crossing.

In addition, President Trump had two years to pull off funding for the wall when Republicans owned the House and the Senate. It didn’t happen for a reason: they consider it absurd as well.

If you think antiquated solutions are the answer to modern day problems, next time you are going to get operated on, replace anesthesia with bourbon.

Now, President Trump also went from a 2,000 mile plus border wall thirty feet high of solid poured concrete because no one knows more about walls than he does, to a couple of hundred miles of “see-through” barriers.

Remember, President Trump was initially offered $25 billion for the wall in exchange for “dreamers” to have a path to citizenship. DACA recipients have been here for more than two decades, what is a three-year extension going to resolve? Nothing!

But President Trump can’t face the reality that DACA requires a permanent solution just like his wall is built on a permanent foundation.

I wouldn’t even bother getting into a fact check with his address since we know it was full of lies and exaggerations, adding to the Trump “Lie Meter.”

Finally, let’s forget the polls that show across the board that President Trump is losing on the government shutdown because the fact is, he’s in desperation mode.

His address yesterday came after the Supreme Court failed to take action on his administration’s appeal on DACA cases. Within an hour of everyone going home for the day in the Supreme Court, Trump tweeted his “announcement” because bottom line, he lost on DACA for at least another nine months.

President Trump can forget his sixteenth century wall, slats or peaches, whatever he calls it these days, and realize Border Patrol wants border enhancements which includes technology and without a serious deal with DACA, he’ll get nothing as he continues to lose in this public relations nightmare for him and the White House.

President Trump yesterday could have wiped out all his anti-immigration rhetoric and be the face of a hero had he just said “‘dreamers’ get citizenship give me the wall.”

I don’t care what side of the political fence you are on, you know “dreamers” deserve citizenship.

Instead, to satisfy less than thirty percent of his shrinking base, President Trump lost the future vote of every single Hispanic in the country, not to mention screwing it up for Republicans. Never, ever make decisions with your ego.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter @mcatty_alex

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