Trump’s Desperate Border Wall Stunt


Updated- original reports by the media had the President addressing the nation from the southern border. Latest media reports indicate President Trump will address the nation from the Oval Office.

If you weren’t sure if Trump’s presidency was a reality t.v. show, well, I’m here to tell you it is and you will see the proof tomorrow at 9 p.m. eastern standard time.

President Trump has just announced via a tweet that he will address the nation tomorrow.

I am pleased to inform you that I will Address the Nation on the Humanitarian and National Security crisis on our Southern Border. Tuesday night at 9:00 P.M. Eastern.”

Of course, the White House has requested that the media broadcast the President’s address. You know, the same fake news media he is always bashing at campaign rallies and on Twitter.

I say go ahead and broadcast it, but with a one hour delay so the media has time to fact check the President’s lies  statements and run a banner across the screen.

Regardless, this is just more Trump hypocrisy. He cares about the federal workers, even claims he empathizes with them, but in the same sentence says they will adjust to living without a paycheck.

We can all adjust to sleeping in our cars, but I think it is better to not be in that situation in the first place.

Even worse, those essential government employees like the Secret Service, now has to fly with Trump to the border? How many millions of dollars is this PR stunt going to cost the government that is already in shutdown?

Why can’t this be done from the Oval Office as it normally is? Because he’s using the border as a prop!

President Trump’s visit overseas for the troops was a PR stunt using the military as a prop and this is no different.

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President Trump’s threats of declaring the border wall a natural emergency is a disaster in the making. I’ve said as much.

Then again, I also wrote I wouldn’t put it pass President Trump to try such a stunt and it seems that is exactly what we are about to witness. Sometimes I prefer to be wrong and this is one of those situations.

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It’s not believed that President Trump has Republican support on this, but when has that stopped him before? He bends Republicans to his will because they are terrified of facing him.

But, I get a feeling that President Trump is going to pull another move like he did with the military and Operation Faithful Patriot. Remember, the troops left the border as quickly as they came in and the name of the operation was changed to, well, it had no name.

Trump may announce this is his move and sign off on the $5 billion plus. He hopes in return House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer agree to end the shutdown, which they have since the House has passed two bills already on the shutdown, but as always, Senator Mitch McConnell blocks the bills from getting to the Senate floor.

If Trump gets way, his “national emergency” will go away quietly just like the military at the border as he creates his next distraction. Fact is, if President Trump announces he is funding the wall as a national emergency, you can guarantee by 9 a.m. tomorrow dozens of lawsuits will be filed.

You will also be guaranteed that no disbursements will be made until an emergency hearing takes place.

The negative, a case like this could get fast tracked to the Supreme Court and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg did not appear for the first time in her career for oral arguments. Although, I’d put money on RBG appearing just to stick it to Trump.

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