Trump’s Full Speech from Oval Office on Shutdown and Border Wall (Video)

Below is the video of President Trump’s first address to the nation from the Oval Office.

In addition, the transcript of President Trump’s address is also available below.

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President Trump Just Proved the “Witch Hunt” is Legit

How many times have you been accused of something you definitely did not do and how did you respond?

I’m sure you said something to the effect of you have proof? Show it!

The problem with this scenario is that rarely does the other party have any sort of evidence to back up their claim, but in Trump’s situation, that’s not the case.

The media is reporting that Trump’s legal team may block Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report. I first wrote about this subject on September 4th of last year based on Giuliani interviews.

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I admit, I tend to avoid writing about Rudy Giuliani because I consider him far worse than President Trump. I even wrote a blog post titled as such and another how the legal community has lost all respect for him.

I say this because Giuliani should know better considering his legal training. Yet, it was only last week that he accused Robert Mueller of destroying evidence, meaning that Mueller is a criminal committing felonies.

There’s no room for garbage like that in the law, but Giuliani stopped being a lawyer long ago and is now a legal bullhorn with the job of spreading disinformation and Trump’s lies.

Trust me, Giuliani would not cross examine one witness if this ever saw a courtroom. I still wonder how Giuliani has a license to practice law based on the rules of ethics and pre-trial publicity he violates every time he speaks to the media.

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Regardless, this statement by Giuliani isn’t new. I even wrote why is Giuliani then in such a hurry to get the Mueller report if the idea is to block it? The only thing defense attorneys are in a hurry for is to slow down a case, not speed it up.

Of course, Giuliani has said that Trump’s power of Executive Privilege allows him to block the report. Again, why the rush to end the investigation if that is the case, but more so, how absurd is it that Trump could be his own judge, jury, and executioner?

But, the publicity nightmare that the Mueller investigation has been, Giuliani is walking back somewhat his statements saying now that maybe portions of the report could be blocked.

If there is something we know, whether on purpose or not, is that Giuliani seems to have a pattern of making a statement today, only to have to explain his statement again the next day. Now put this into perspective- this is the attorney for what could be the most high profile criminal case in our nation’s history.

Now, let’s go back to paragraph 2 and 3. You have the proof in your hands. Here is Trump’s chance to prove to the world that the Mueller investigation is a “witch hunt.” Hell, he does that, he’ll run opposed in 2020.

And yet, from day one Giuliani has been talking about blocking the report, now parts of it. It doesn’t matter if it is a portion or the whole damn thing. The question is why?

Here’s a hint: the Steele Dossier has yet to be disproven. Quite the contrary, parts of it have proven true already.

Alexander Hernandez, Esq.
Twitter @mcatty_alex

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