Trump’s Illegal Destruction of the National Butterfly Center Gets Nasty

The National Butterfly Center had filed a lawsuit against President Trump’s administration more than a year ago because the 100 acre preserve was going to be cut into two in order to start construction on the border wall.

Even though a lawsuit remains pending, government officials have already cut down trees, brought in bulldozers and heavy equipment to prepare the land.

Since the case has been pending since 2017 and no action taken, The North American Butterfly Association has now filed a restraining order to prevent further steps in constructing Trump’s border wall.

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This comes after a previous post of mine that can be seen below, where more environmental waivers have been accepted by Trump’s administration.

Per the Butterfly Center’s pleading, trucks and heavy machinery are being driven over the property.

More than two-thirds of the Center is inaccessible and even one of the locks for the gates was cut and replaced.

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The Butterfly Center wrote in their pleading that the Trump administration’s “constitutional violations are escalating,” in violation of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments.

In addition, the Center says that government officials installed cameras on the property and have “engaged in harassment” of Butterfly Center staff and visitors since the summer of 2017.

The fact is since the Center had filed a lawsuit, no construction should have taken place until the lawsuit has been settled. The judge should grant the Center’s temporary restraining order until the case is resolved completely, which includes exhaustion of appeals.

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Just more evidence of Trump’s reckless disregard for the law. The temporary restraining order can be seen below.

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