Trump’s Inner Circle of Corruption

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Trump’s Inner Circle of Corruption

What feels like a decade ago, the supposed “coffee boy,” George Papadopolous, pled guilty to making false statements to the FBI in regards to the Russia election meddling of 2016. Papadopolous was a member of the foreign advisory panel and is cooperating with the Robert Mueller investigation.

Michael Flynn, National Security Adviser for President Trump and human megaphone for the “lock her up” chants, pled guilty for making false statements to the FBI and is cooperating with Mueller.

Paul Manafort, the former Trump Campaign Manager is currently on trial for multiple financial fraud transactions, money laundering, and failure to pay taxes.

Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former attorney, is under investigation for tax fraud and likely has been cooperating with Mueller for some time.

Now, a sitting Republican congressman, Chris Collins- President Trump’s first backer, is about to get arraigned on insider trading. Collins used to work at powerhouse law firm Greenberg Taurig where Rudy Giuliani worked until he resigned in order to represent the President in dealing with the Mueller investigation.

Collins is accused of using inside information in order to dump stocks before the information became public. Multiple calls were made to his son once Collins learned of the information and once his son received the information, within minutes his son put a sale order on his Innate Immunotherapeutics Limited stocks.

Collins’ son, his son’s fiancée, and future father-in-law were also charged with lying to federal agents.

I always said that Trump would drain the swamp, but that he failed to complete the sentence. The swamp has been drained and filled in with a swimming pool, spa, and golf course.

See a pattern, yet? Well, there’s always the fallback on response: “witch hunt,” and then there’s also Maria Butina and even the President’s son, Donald Trump, Jr. who possibly lied to the Senate Intelligence Committee on whether Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting.

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