Two More Clowns Join Senator Graham on the Roger Stone Arrest

The fact that Senator Lindsey Graham would even consider investigating the FBI’s arrest of Roger Stone proves the level of partisan politics and how GOP Republicans are going through every measure possible to protect President Trump.

Let’s not ignore the fact that Senator Graham is playing right into Stone’s narrative, nonsense, and garbage, but apparently, he’s not alone.

This, after new reports of Russian troll farms doctoring legal memos from Mueller’s office to start another disinformation campaign.

You can now add Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, the ranking member of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, and Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., the ranking member of the Government Operations Subcommittee.

“These raids are dangerous, and they pose serious risks to the officers, the arrestee and his family, and the community,” the two lawmakers said in their letter.

“Given Stone’s advanced age and the nature of charges against him, as well as his statement that he would have surrendered voluntarily, it is unsettling that the Justice Department chose to use agents in full tactical assault gear to arrest Stone.”

The letter continues: ‘”[T]he presence and proximity of television news cameras during Stone’s arrest raise questions about whether any Justice Department or FBI personnel alerted the media about Stone’s imminent arrest.”

Now is a great time to remind you that Stone has made a career out of lying and spreading rumors about others.  Now is even a better time to remind you that Stone colluded with Russia and WikiLeaks to put a traitor President in office. Now is a good time to remind you of all that Mueller has accomplished within a short period of time.

One more thing: Jordan and Meadows are the ones that filed Articles of Impeachment against former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. If either of them survive another term, shame on those that voted for these two hacks.

Alexander Hernandez
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