Uber Self Driving Car Fatality

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Photo courtesy of Tempe, Arizona Police Department via The Arizona Republic

elf-driving Uber SUV in Phoenix. The Volvo was in self-driving mode but had a person behind the wheel. The victim, Elaine Herzberg was walking her bicycle.

Uber responded by canceling all self driving road tests being performed in Phoenix, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Toronto.

It is estimated that ninety-four percent of accidents are due to human error and with autonomous vehicles, it is believed to be the answer to reducing the more than forty thousand traffic fatalities that occur in the United States.

Ford in Miami, Florida

Ford has been testing self-driving vehicles in Miami and will continue to do so even after the fatal Uber accident. Living my whole life in Miami which clearly has some of the worst, if not worst drivers in the country, if Ford can survive Miami, it can survive anywhere.


Nissan has been conducting self-driving automobiles in London, Tokyo and California and has stated will continue their testing.

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